Josh jackson 1 pick from Kinnick's single season interception record

Discussion in 'Football' started by guffus, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. guffus

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    Iowa's single-season interception leaders:

    Player, year;Number

    Nile Kinnick, 1939;8

    Lou King, 1981;8

    Desmond King, 2015;8

    Steve Wilson, 1967;7

    Jay Norvell, 1985;7

    Kerry Burt, 1987;7

    Josh Jackson, 2017;7

    Actually lots of players have got 7 or 8 in a season, including Desmond King getting 8 in 2015, but nobody has been able to get that elusive 9th pick to seperate from the pack. Probably because QB's stop throwing at them.

    Josh Jackson currently leads the nation with 7 picks. Could Iowa have 2 Thorpe winners in 3 years?
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    I would think he has got to be heading to some kind of pick 6 record.
  3. thetrza

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    The next two guys we see are both veteran experienced playmaking quarterbacks. They won't make the same mistakes that a guy like JT Barret did.
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  4. guffus

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    I believe that record will always be owned by pick-6 Stanzi ;)
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  6. tksirius

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    He'll probably get 10 & KF will still say he's not ready for the NFL.
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    He should come back next year and play DB and WR. A Heisman would be worth millions.
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    are you sure or r u trolling, tanner Lee is getting concussion checks but if he plays he throws lots of picks. Blough is out at purdont and I thought his replacement is a frosh. is that correct?
  9. TJERanch

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    I suspect you missed the sarcasm... :confused:
  10. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    Honestly he should play both sides, every snap.
  11. Hawkalum2002

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    I thought I read that the Thorpe Award cannot add new players to their list as the season progresses, so he wouldn't be eligible to win it this year.
  12. lightning1

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    A few things would have to occur before that could happen.
    Barta resigns in January, citing health reasons, following a brain transplant.
    New AD comes in and immediately tells KF to demote BF and hire an OC with legit P5 experience.
    KF balks and immediately retires.
    New HC is all about "sexy" and tells JJ that he can start at 1 WR spot as well as 1 DB spot.
    All of this has to happen before the NFL draft deadline.
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    I would like to see him beat it, but I doubt it’s in the cards he gets two more in his third straight game.
  14. guffus

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    Its a little confusing, but I found this link which makes it clear that new players can be added during the year.

    The Paycom Jim Thorpe Award watch list is chosen by a screening committee who compiles a list of 30-50 players. The list is not final, and players who have outstanding seasons are added as the season progresses. The Thorpe Award Winner is selected from three finalists and will be announced at The Home Depot College Football Awards on Thursday, December 7, 2017, on ESPN.