Josh Jackson Heading to NFL

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jan 3, 2018.

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    So you're the Browns fan. All joking aside, I hope you're right and they stay as far away from him as possible.
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    Yep, that's me. When you have Belichick as your head coach, Saban as your DC, and Ferentz as your OL coach and can muster 1 winning season, it just ain't ever gonna happen.
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    On the bright side...that next Cleveland win is going to feel better than most. I'm just hoping, for your sake, its next season and not too far off in the distance.
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    some one has to be that guy
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    I am so bitter about this that I am starting a "go fund me" campaign on facebook. Maybe we can raise enough $$ to keep at Iowa...
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    Lol, if true wouldn’t you be better suited for a different forum?
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    The chance to significantly improve his draft stock for starters. He may not even be drafted if he leaves now. He should stay and improve and get his degree then declare.
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    How dare you.
    I am suited to different forums. And I participate on them. Just as Jon Miller does. But the mob and I were made for each other. I've recently noticed several free thinkers (former free thinkers) moving over to the mob.:(
    But I've also seen some new free & independent thinkers emerge. All in all plenty of banter and quite fun.
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    Correct call, make Iowa proud.
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    It's tough to choose two corners when putting together an "all defense" team under Ferentz these days. We've had some good ones.
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    Josh we hardly knew ye......Good luck and please sign with the Chiefs
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    Phil is becoming the "DB whisperer". Hope it continues, we need a couple more to emerge.
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    Spivey was the shit just 8 years ago and we've already had 2 that were probably better since. Good recruits coming too.
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    Daniels is gone too. That’s per a blurb in the Daily Iowan I just saw
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    Of course. But according to "experts", he's the #2 center.
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    Yeah, me too man... but if the browns were an all-Iowa grad team, then maybe it wouldn't be quite so painful to watch. Like a tarnished and oxidized sterling silver lining.
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    Interview with Josh by NFLDraftInsider. Toughest receiver to cover? Noah Fant. :)

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