Josh Jackson with pick six

Discussion in 'Football' started by peerok, Aug 16, 2018.

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    It’s Wisconsin. Are you sure that’s a “he” and not a “she?”
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    It was hotter by Memorial Day in Iowa than it's been where I live down south all summer. At least the blizzards and cold spells will make up for it!
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    Yes. It's clearly a Low T nu-male that likely spent 4 years in Madison learning about Marx. The women have far more chest hair.
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    I love September/October when it's chilly in the mornings, then warms up during the day and cools off again when it get's dark. I have noticed that it's already getting darker sooner. A week and a half ago I wasn't turning on my house lights until almost 9 pm, now I'm turning them on at about 8:15 pm. In about 4 weeks we'll start to see trees changing colors.
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    That's OK. You can have your fire ants and eventually your killer bees.

    And wait until the first one inch snowfall. The locals treat it like Armageddon is coming!

    Tennessee/Alabama/Georgia will always be there when I want to visit.

    We've had a consistently hot/humid summer in the Midwest after four or five that were near or below average. Memorial Day weekend and it's upper 90's set the tone.
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    Our starting QB is from Wisconsin
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    Spotted Cow is OK. I went through a stage where I like Berghoff Dark

    I've been on a Potosi brew kick this summer. Along with Capital Amber and Blue Moon Belgian White.
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    Ben Niemann joins the Pick 6 party!

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    Wisconsin is about two things when it comes to beer: Leinenkugel "original" lager, aka "Chippewa Pride", and Point Special (the original from Point). Once upon a time, it was also about Old Style.

    It was NEVER about Pabst or Rhinelander Export. Ever. (Although I confess to buying 49-cent quarts of Rhinelander Export at John's Grocery back in the day)
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    I'll drink Leinies, as long as it's amber. Went through an Old Style stage early in college, can't do it now. Black Label used to be the cheapest case you could buy at John's. Needless to say, you got what you paid for.
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    And he does it again ... 2 views.

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    Classic coachspeak? Who knows. In 1996 a reporter asked Hayden Fry about the possibility of Sedrick Shaw being a Heisman Trophy candidate. Hayden tersely replied (probable paraphrase) "I'm not sure if he's even as good as Tavian Banks. Tavian can move ahead of him on the depth chart at any time."

    My take? They were dead even. Tavian's broken wrist in 1995 cost him dearly and he looked like a Heisman candidate himself the first month of 1997 until a bad ankle slowed him down. Banks was able to come back for the 1995 Sun Bowl game and break off a 70-75 yard run late in the contest.
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    Barring injury, I doubt we will see Josh starting week one. Offensive schemes become infinitely more complex during the regular season, and he'll need time to adjust to that. At the very least, he should see the field quite a bit in the Packers nickel packages. Either way, it's awesome to see him showcase his ball skills at the next level.
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    That was before he'd decided to go... Of course KF would have rather he stuck around for another year. Not remotely surprising. KF had to know he was long gone too within the last few weeks of the season. He'd have been crazy to come back frankly.
    Daniels on the other hand as young as he is that was a legit debate I bet. I could see that have going either way and can't blame him for going. The NFL career is just so short that once you are good enough (4th rd pick or better projected) I would say go and get that clock started towards getting your 2nd contract. That's where they really make the big bucks. Waiting and coming back with all the risks pertained to that is just that a big risk...
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    Daniels should be starting at center for the Bears. The trick is selling it to Trubisky, who has a lot to prove himself. But even Jonathon Ogden started at guard as a rookie before becoming arguably the best left tackle since Anthony Munoz. The offensive line coach who convinced Raven brass that Ogden could play guard for a year or two? Yes, it was Kirk Ferentz.
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    ESPN showed the score 3-3 after the pick 6. Did it get called back or was ESPN wrong?
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    The words "Old Style" send a chill down my spine (and a gurgle into my gut). We lived on that crap. I lived just a few blocks from John's...if they had a frequent flyer program we all could have gone to Hawaii for Spring break.