Josh Jackson

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    Great for him. I hope he shines.

    He is a quality guy.
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    Jackson certainly sounds like he is Ready to go.....

    “For the most part I think it wasn’t what I really expected it to be – as far as the speed of the game. It was a little slower than I anticipated,” Jackson said. “That kind of just shows how practice has helped us, and how taking practice seriously has prepared us for the game.”

    “Coverage-wise, tackling-wise, I felt pretty good,” Jackson said. “[When] more games come I’ll be faster on different reads, faster in my approach to tackle, but I think for my first time playing I did pretty good, and I plan to improve and keep growing.”

    Coaches have to love Josh Jackson.....

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    All rookie team, along with Ben Neimann
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    Nice to see two of our rookies getting some love from the talking heads.
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    Ohhhh so close
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    Is Shada still kicking around the League or did he finally retire?
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    CB U, OL U, TE U, LB U ... and soon P(unter) U. ;)
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