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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by revkev73, Jun 7, 2019.

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    Article from Hawk Central (I think) is about JT from NY getting more time and opportunities now that JB is down and others have moved on from the Iowa program. What is interesting is his talk about being a leader, saying what needs to be said, getting the most from his team, and his coach talking about JT's toughness. How often has such leadership talk been a part of Iowa's team? How often do we hear about toughness or lack of it from Iowa players? I am getting excited to see how this new NY style player and personality will change the Iowa-think of the past years. Or, how his leadership might be challenged and rejected? Sometimes a new player can be a catalyst of change if the coaches and other players allow it and buy into it. I, for one, am excited about the new team and the intensity and snark they can bring now that other "personalities" are no longer in the picture. JB's surgery is certainly bad news but it might allow a new team to emerge more easily.
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    you want your pg to be your leader. as a FR, though, JT needs to perform first, before the team will consider him legit. that's the way it's gonna be most times in sports. but this is exactly why i think fran must give JT every chance to take over the pg spot this season, because we need the pg to be the team leader.
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    I think the guy can adapt pretty quickly. The big thing is can he shoot over seventy percent from the free throw line his first year. He should have plenty of talent around him.
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    Mashburn is definitely a name I hadn't heard in a long time. That dude could score.
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    That article sure says the things a guy wants to hear and it sounds like the potential is there for him to be just what we are craving. How can one of the very best players from NYC not be really, REALLY good? Can't imagine a year ever going by where elite talent isn't produced in a city of what, a BILLION people? I can't wait to see what he's got and hope we stole one that was just flying under the radar.
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    I think Toussaint will be pretty good as long as he doesn't over think everything.
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    He wants to be a leader, he wants to play defense...win/win
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    Potentially. Words are easy, backing them up is a little tougher. It's also tricky to come in as a Freshman and come on too strong...gotta win your teammates confidence. Let's hope JT comes in ready to work and leads by example.
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    Iowa's roster has needed a PG to push them and hold them accountable. It has been a glaring need: complacency, softness, coasting, jogging, watching, have prevailed. It will be easier with Moss, Cook, JB out of the picture. New players to mold and those that are returning, seem to be the more willing type, IMHO. Will see. I am hoping he will "bring it" on the court to match his words, such an attitude is infectious.
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    I stated the same thing about JW last year, knowing you belong and can play at this level is half the battle. You could see from the very first game that JW wasn't afraid and I don't think this kid will be either.

    That being said I need to see JT play at this level to get a feel for where his game is at. I can project, but I need to see it.
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    Perhaps he will have a new team and new nick name..."Five Hour Energy"
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    He’s confident which is good. He’s smart enough to know Jordan is an invaluable resource which he is really good. And it looks and sounds like he can play.
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    I think Mikey likes this guy![​IMG]
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    Hopefully, the combination of Evelyn and Toussaint will be the ten hour energy. I enjoy watching Bohannon, but with his hip injury he can't move like Evelyn and Toussaint.