Juan Harris decommits....AGAIN

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Casey388, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Casey388

    Casey388 Well-Known Member

    Just saw on a few other sites that 2017 ex-ex-commit Juan Harris visited Michigan this past weekend and came away with an offer. Word is he decommited for a second time. I was high on this kid, but it appears that he is becoming more of a head-case than anything else. Anyone else think he is worth the drama?
  2. CPHAWK82

    CPHAWK82 Well-Known Member

    Good gosh..I mean the kid IS good, but there's not a shot in hell he's coming to Iowa anyways. Put the focus on a kid you actually have a shot at. He knew he was going to decommit as soon as an offer he actually wanted came through. It's now Michigian vs. the field. Wouldn't be surprised if he commits to Michigan then decommits as soon as that Alabama offer comes through.
  3. damnfinn

    damnfinn Well-Known Member

    Ferentz needs to pull his offer and move on
  4. Hawkfnntn

    Hawkfnntn Well-Known Member

    Why? Because you feel like the kid ****** in your cheerios? You never know what'll happen. And what does pulling his offer if he does choose to not come do exactly? It tells other kids that are can't miss talents that we don't want them just because 2 years out he can't decide on what he wants? No way Ferentz should or would pull it. Unless we get 2 other kids that are can't miss D tackles for the class and this far out it ain't happening. Sure he's struggling with making up his mind but your not out anything to keep the offer out there if he doesn't end up taking it.
  5. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    Great. A month into the new hire and we're already michigan's *****.
  6. rivercityhawk

    rivercityhawk Well-Known Member

    I would tell him to talk to me at signing time. I would not want another verbal.
  7. 1977Hawkeye

    1977Hawkeye Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Not gonna get too many highly rated recruits that are interested in Iowa and ONLY in Iowa. If you're going to pull an offer because he hasn't made up his mind yet this far out, then seems to me like you're being overly picky.. If you want some of these 4-5* recruits, gonna have to fight for them. Not like Iowa is FSU, Alabama, etc. where they can expect players to be beating down the door absolutely dying to play for you.

    Keep recruiting him. If he goes elsewhere, so be it, but you have to at least TRY.
  8. Xerxes

    Xerxes Well-Known Member

    He's in high school. High school aged kids change their minds all the time. Something that is cool one minute is lame the next. He'll probably change his mind 5 times before he actually goes to college.

    Plus anybody expecting Kirk to close on this kid is fooling themselves.
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  9. docholihawk

    docholihawk Well-Known Member

    I would continue to call this drama queen once a week until he gets serious. I'm not sure if a guy like this ever grows up. He's young so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. If I had to make a prediction I'd say this guy will play for more than one college during his career.
  10. Casey388

    Casey388 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking along the same lines or Seantrell Henderson or whatever his name was out of Minnesota a few years back.
  11. ihawkeye

    ihawkeye Well-Known Member

    Kirk's got fight for him.
  12. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    I have no problem with a kid changing his mind and decommitting as he's a high schooler and we all know they change their minds at the drop of a dime. What I have a problem with is doing it a second time. Kid should have learned his lesson the first time. If he wasn't ready to commit initially why in the world would he think he was ready the second time, years before he'd step foot on campus.
  13. SmokeTownHawk

    SmokeTownHawk Well-Known Member

    He is a high school kid and someone with his talent level is going to attract loads of attention. He's like the hottest girl at school all the guys wanna be with. Wait until the SEC schools start pushing hard on him. Someone better notify the Fayette County Sheriff's office & West Union cops to be on the look out for a large number of cars from SEC states in town on a regular basis. Or maybe their bagman network is so hidden you'd never spot 'em.

    That said I'd have to see it to believe that Kirk-if he's still around can land this kid.
  14. DesMoinesHawki

    DesMoinesHawki Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this kid is going to continue to commit/de-commit until 2 years from now ... Honestly, if it is true the kid has "de-commited" from Iowa for a second time then adios my friend. Not worth the time and effort for someone who is going to leave you holding your d*(& in your hand on signing day ... I would simply say ... thanks for your time and good luck in your recruiting ... and we are moving forward without you ...
  15. SamBrownlee48

    SamBrownlee48 Well-Known Member

    We were their recruiting ***** since time immemorial
  16. KarlChilders

    KarlChilders Active Member

    He shouldn't be doin things like that. He just a BOY.
  17. bigjim

    bigjim Well-Known Member

    I agree
  18. StanzisLettuce

    StanzisLettuce Well-Known Member

    But wait, per his twitter account this morning he's back! If only to decommit again in a few days but who cares, we win again!
  19. SteveGarvey

    SteveGarvey Well-Known Member

  20. BleednGumsMrphy

    BleednGumsMrphy Well-Known Member

    He's baaaaaack... He will have an unofficial visit tomorrow but for obvious reasons Im not getting my hopes up. Lets hope Iowa really impresses and he sticks with the hawks. This is a good commit to have for one of the first of the class.