Judge says Ferentz can stiff neighbors on HOA fees

Discussion in 'Football' started by tweeterhawk, May 2, 2019.

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    Looks like Ferentz is going to be able to wait out the neighbors. Next trial doesn't even start until June 2020. All seems rather petty.
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    Look, pal, homeowners associations do important work. They make sure you’re taking care of the weeds, not storing junk cars on cinder block on your yard, not tossing old appliances out the back, keeping the house painted in “approved” HOA colors, They also pay to maintain common areas — home addition entrances, trees, roads.

    In short, HOAs serve to keep home values up and the riff-raff out.

    Really sad that the Iowa football coach, with his extremely lucrative salary and benefits, doesn’t feel he needs to be a part of that and contribute just a few thousand dollars to keep the ‘hood up. He probably also supports right-to-work.

    Beyond that, the neighbors with their meager resources get stuck with the court costs of trying to get him and his entitled family to do what’s right.
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    The HOA did not exist when Kirk and Fam built their house there. The neighborhood grew up around them. Then the neighbors decided they wanted an HOA. Kirk and Fam said they did not want to be in it. HOA puts a lein on KF's house and then sues him. Does that sound like the right thing to you?

    I am not defending him because he is KF. I am admonishing the neighbors because they tried to force their HOA on them.

    And enough socialist bullcrap about how he should just pay it because he makes a lot of money. Why should he pay for something he isn't part of and doesn't want?
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    He runs his property like his football team. stubborn and unwillingness to change even if it makes sense.
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    Comparing this situation to running the football team. Sounds fun.

    Ferentz does tend to rely on his tight end! o_O
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    Read this thread. This is old news.


    This is not KF bullying some poor little neighbor and trying to screw him out of money. This Buatti guy is the head of the department of radiation oncology at the Carver Medical Center.

    He wanted to develop the area and particularly the road for real estate purposes. He began the HOA well AFTER KF had been living there for some time, and then tried to force them to pay HOA fees when KF opted out, which he was entitled to do so. Court uphled that. Then, Buatti tried to force KF to pay for a renovation he never wanted, for a HOA he never intended to be part of, and is trying to use public image to bully him into doing so.

    This has nothing to do with football, it's about some jackass whose pissy he didn't get his way.
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    One never existed in this case and they never signed on for it! I am just sure Kirk's neighbors are poor folk. Get real. Doctors and professors or business owners. Kirk would have been better off buying a farm somewhere out in the country.
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    You should do a little more research before jumping to conclusions.
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    Personally I don't like and have turned down looking at property because it had an HOA.
    I can't imagine telling someone else what and where they can plant. What color they can side or paint their house. ECT. ECT.
    It's none of my dam business!
    Just like what I do is none of theirs.
    I grew up in small town Iowa, where everyone knows everyone's business, if they don't, they will make some crap up.
    It's nice to know your neighbors. It's nice to be friends with them and be able to count on them. But come on.
    What really pisses me off about this is.
    So an HOA is saying absolutely no artist? Well ok, but you can't express it.
    I bet Einstein and Tesla wouldn't fit into an HOA mold either. So no intelligent people.
    It's just stupid and not very progressive thinking.
    Now I agree that things should be handled amongst a community. You know "hey your dog is an asshole and if you let it keep running loose, one of these days it probably won't be home". Or "hey ya know there are kids around here, slow your butt down and pay attention. Don't be so selfish".
    I can even see "hey can you trim your tree that is hanging on my property".
    But and I kid you not.
    I bought a house once and the girl next door is over chatting in my yard and says "watch out for those people back there, we were watching them with our binoculars one night and they were sitting in the hot tub smoking pot".
    I said
    "You were watching them in the hot tub with binoculars"??
    She said
    "Yeah and they were smoking pot"
    I again said with more emphasis.
    "You were watching them in their hot tub with binoculars"?

    She didn't get it.

    You don't need an HOA. People are nosy enough anyway. They would rather tell you how to tend to your own garden instead of tending to their own.
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    Must have felt like winning another bowl game to Kirk.
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    This is not that complicated. There was no "stiffing" of any neighbors. If anything, it was the neighbors trying to "stiff" the Ferentz's into compliance with a private contract they had not agreed to be part of. The same applies to Kirk Ferentz or John Q. Public. The Ferentz's just had the resources to fight this. And by doing so, they have aided John Q. Public down the road who may face a similar circumstance.
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    Yeah,well. Far be it from me to argue that KF has control over his bought and paid for personal property.
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    Actually, when he had the house built it WAS somewhere out in the country.
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    My place was too. It was amazing, there were dense trees all over the place, one peach farmer still out there with a few horses and a donkey. In the past 6 months they have clear cut thousands of trees and there are 450 houses going up. It totally sucks.
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    The best part of this story is that two separate lawyers will get paid legal fees as well.
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    No more snappy comebacks, pal?