Kaczenski expecting physical game against Iowa

Discussion in 'Football' started by HawkeyeHypnosis, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. HawkeyeHypnosis

    HawkeyeHypnosis Well-Known Member

  2. DP5555

    DP5555 Well-Known Member

    Would be kinda funny to see Scherff drive a defensive end right off the field and straight into Coach Kaz's sorry a$$ on the sidelines. "Hey coach thanks for the kind words about me!"
  3. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    I always here coachs say that when they play Iowa its a physical game. I wonder if they always say that about every team because I don't read coachs' comments about other teams.
  4. theboat

    theboat Well-Known Member

    I'm expecting coach K will yell a lot.
  5. AHawk1

    AHawk1 Well-Known Member

    Most coaches like to say something positive about the other team. The are usually pretty limited in what they can say. They can't talk about speed , skill players, wide receivers who are going to be challenging, an abundance of talent etc.. So saying they are physical is about all they can come up with. Be similar to trying to set up a date with gal captioned in the ISU photo by HFN, she probably has a great personality.
  6. JHHawk

    JHHawk Well-Known Member

    Coach K is firing up Randy Gregory with those kind words for Brandon....can Brandon shut him down. Nebby has 33 sacks, to Iowa's sacks given up a league leading 10....should be a great matchup.
  7. AHawk1

    AHawk1 Well-Known Member

    I'd hope Coach K and Bo are given another year. Guy is awful.
  8. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Rud's pocket presence has had a lot to do with the low number of sacks given up by the Iowa offense.
  9. jsmith337

    jsmith337 Well-Known Member

    I truly think Sherff can shut him down, quoting HawkeyeGameFilm "Sherff is a bad mofo." That's good enough for me.
  10. 74Hunter

    74Hunter Well-Known Member

    It will be a great matchup. But we like to move Gregory around quite a bit, Scherff won't be locked up on him all day. I'd be surprised if Gregory didn't say "Hi" to Ruddock a time or two.
  11. Caven

    Caven Well-Known Member

    He can say "Hi" to him all he wants as they both watch the ball fly out to our receivers waiting hands (only to have our receiver drop it...)
  12. 74Hunter

    74Hunter Well-Known Member

    Hawks, too??
  13. bitmap

    bitmap Well-Known Member

    Hawks too... Not so much lately though, for a couple of our guys it's like the light bulb got turned on during the Whisky game.

    Intrigued w/ K3. He looked pretty good rolling to his right and then throwing back across the middle of the field against PSU. Not an easy thing to do but I saw him do it at least twice in that game. Reminded me of former Iowa QB Drew Tate.

    Guys like him are probably better when flushed giving their WRs time to get open. LTP and Cooper are both high motor guys that don't give up on the play so it should be entertaining to watch them in pursuit. Iowa's secondary will get lost if the plays last to long. This is going to be a great matchup.

    The Iowa DL will exploit the timing and assignment issues the Husker's OL has been exhibiting. I expect BP will have to burn at least two time outs to get the OL on the same page or K3 will get smothered in the back field.

    I have a feeling this game will end up being quite memorable unlike the last two. KF tends to plays them close so OT is probably not out of the question.
  14. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    I expect every football game to be " a physical game." Talk about cliche.........sheeeeesh.
  15. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    I figure if jNW and UM can hang with the Huskers, so can the Hawkeyes.
  16. loesshillshawk

    loesshillshawk Well-Known Member

    On the flip side I know 3 LB'ers that might say hello to your FAT QB Kellogg. That guy seriously looks like a Jenny Craig highlight reel waiting to happen.
  17. olddude

    olddude Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^ And boy I sure hope they give him a stinger. Yes I want him to get up, but getting up slowly would be good to see.
  18. loesshillshawk

    loesshillshawk Well-Known Member

    They are down to Kellogg only at QB.. Armstrong is unavailable
  19. PhoenixHawk

    PhoenixHawk Well-Known Member

    I really hope Debbie has that #1 guy back fielding punts.
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