Kallenberger and Schott

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    After re-watching the bowl game these two guys played really well. They bulldozed a lot especially if you watch the sequence on the first long td drive of the second half on a couple run plays and then all 3 qb sneaks and finally Goodson's td. And I think it is Schott who just runs over Goodson in the endzone while celebrating.

    It would be interesting if both of these two sophs can stay at guard and two others win the tackle jobs. Of course Linderbaum has been bull dozing all year and those three interior guys were really great on pass protection.
  2. NikeHawk21

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    Again Jackson is returning. I was always surprised by how hesitant it seemed the coaches were to slide Kallenberger inside, but I think he’s better at a tackle spot. I expect him to move out to RT next year for Wirfs.

    I like Schott’s nastiness, but he still seems a bit undersized. I do think Britt starts at one of the guard spots next year.
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  3. Motigerhawk

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    Nastiness can neutralize lack of size.

    And if we start using more misdirection a 6'2" 290 Lb. guard thats nasty could be fantastic.
  4. CP87

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    You gotta wonder what Plumb will look like after another spring. Having two 6' 7" dudes with enough skill to be D1 basketball players on the outside sounds pretty good. If he can add another 10-15 pounds, it could get interesting.

    But then you also have 3 x 4* guys who will be RS freshman next year (Britt, Miller, Endres), and some other promising young guys (Fenske, Dejong, Ince, Elsbury, etc.). And potentially Banwart depending on rehab schedule.
  5. okeefe4prez

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    If we have 4 game balls, 1 goes to ISM, 1 goes to AJE and 1 goes to each of those guys playing guard. Their stellar play completely fixed our offensive woes. The overwhelming bulk of our offensive woes the past 3 years have not been Stanley, the lack of explosive RB play or Brian Ferentz's play calling, it has been the guard position. In losses to Wisconsin, Purdue and NU we have had a really hard time blocking 3-4 sets with unclear rushers and in the losses to PSU and Michigan this year, their interior linemen ate up the middle of line, which left Stanley in a position where he had someone in his grill the second he got back into his stance.

    I have been befuddled as to how Kirk Ferentz allowed the interior of the line to get so bad. If we were better at that position, our 46 wins or whatever it is over the past 5 years would probably be 50 or a touch over.
  6. NikeHawk21

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    Maybe it’s just me but I’m so much less inclined to want a smaller more athletic guys on the offensive line. We’ve seen what Wisconsin has done with the big maulers. Look what Minnesota did this year, I remember hearing about their line averaging well over 310+ pounds.

    Heck, even Kallenberger is going to be undersized at tackle (currently under 300), Plumb would be extremely undersized.

    As many have said, let’s go less zone blocking stuff, and also let’s start recruiting and developing bigger Olinemen. It seems to be working elsewhere. We have already started to recruit some bigger guys so that’s a good start.
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    The way that Wisconsin's o-line just totally demoralizes a team by the 4th quarter is a thing of beauty. Honestly, we've seen a quantum leap in the offensive scheme under Brian Ferentz and if the line gets to the point where it is almost as good as Wisconsin's and we don't have a falloff on the talent of our skill guys, we will definitely be the team to beat in the West.
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  8. uihawk82

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    If you are doing zone stretch blocking you do need nimble Olinemen, guys that can be quick to get a reach block, a double team then do to get a linebacker. Wisky just doesnt do that lateral blocking, Iowa does but I noticed this year it got less as the season went on.

    People have said the Oline took a recruiting backseat for awhile but I think the guys are in the pipeline now and the best guys need to play
  9. NikeHawk21

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    I understand why are scheme lent towards more athletic linemen in the past, but as many of us are saying it might be time to evolve.

    On playing the best players, that is exactly why Kallenberger played this year at guard. He was one of our 5 best linemen even though guard isn’t his natural spot. Next year he will likely be a top 3 linemen and will be able to move back to his natural spot of tackle to replace Wirfs. My response was to a poster talking about the extremely undersized Plumb playing.
  10. CP87

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    Unless you want to go pass first? Gotta love those athletic guys when the goal is to stay in front of a quick edge guy.

    Doubt Iowa will go that route, but I said before this year they should, and I believe the same about next year as well.
  11. ClintonIAfan

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    They both had a very good bowl game. It was nice to see everyone back healthy. Iowa's line looks very strong for next year as well, even though there was a key loss, there is a lot coming back and key newcomers as well.
  12. AreWeThereYet

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    Banwart and Cronk are the wild cards in how things play out. They both seem to be either medium or long term rehab projects. I like the odds of at least one getting significant playing time nest season. There is about as good odds that at least one never makes it back, or end up petitioning for a medical redshirt if that is even possible.

    I see Plumb getting more time at left tackle as well.
  13. #1DieHardHawk

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    This is exactly right, and it's been going on longer than most of us think.

    For whatever reason, our guard play has been steadily dropping off the last several years, and the result has been a very disjointed and inconsistent offense - interior breakdowns in pass-pro, poor communication, lack of push, etc.

    The marginal recruiting at the O-line has been both perplexing and frustrating for the last several seasons, especially when you factor in that Iowa is a program historically known for offensive line play and run by a coach who specializes in the offensive line. I've pointed a finger at Polasek more than once, but in fairness we were struggling before he arrived (though there was a definite downturn after he took over...).

    That said, over the past two cycles, the recruiting has been on an up-tick, and the play of the offensive line finally started to come around towards the end of last season, and was very good in the bowl. Perhaps Kirk finally came to the realization that the program needed a little more than just the feel-good-developed-walk-on stories, and had a renewed focus on bringing in better ready-made talent. Despite losing Wirfs early, I feel better about the unit going into next season than I have for quite awhile.
  14. NikeHawk21

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    Cronk is an absolute lock to start imo
  15. homes

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    That certainly seems plausible. However, if Britt comes on at guard, and they like Schott at guard, I can see Kallenberger going out to tackle - he got better as the season went along and I think he'll only continue to improve. In other words, while they'll miss Wirfs, no doubt, the line will be good next year. (I'm more concerned about the DL).
  16. iloveyoularrystation

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    Jackson, kallenberger, linderbaum, schott, cronk
  17. AreWeThereYet

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    Have no idea where he is on rehab, and he's not even officially on the roster.

    I take that back, I found him on the roster.