Keith Duncan Iowa's 26th Consensus All-American

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. RobHowe

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    Groza Award folks can stick that trophy up their ass. KD gets a portrait on the wall in the facility.

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  3. homes

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    If he is a consensus AA next year, will he get on Kinnick’s ring of honor?
  4. ssckelley

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    What an honor for him
  5. ICHawk24

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    Yes, Keith will be kicking next year for a spot on the Wall of Honor.

    Great honor for him.
  6. HuckFinn

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    Got to love it!
  7. hawkdrummer1

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    As a consensus All American Keith's picture will hang in the football facility with the other Hawkeye CAA's.


    The ring of honor (or wall of honor) is in Kinnick. He would become eligible for consideration if he's a 2-time consensus AA, but it's not a guarantee. Imagine Wirfs staying, doing it again and having 2 players eligible for it.

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  8. Fryowa

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    No way they’d leave him off the press box if he got back to back consensus. Kaeding didn’t even do that.

    And Keith is arguably the most popular Hawkeye player in any sport right now. He gave Scott Frost a fuck off kiss on national TV—in his own house—after Frosty tried to play head games, Keith Duncan is a goddamn national treasure.
  9. okeefe4prez

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    I know Roby punted, but to me, he was the greatest kicking specialist in Iowa history, which is a high honor given how good Kaeding was. Roby ain't on the ring. If Roby ain't good enough, literally no player whose job is to kick the ball is.
  10. Hawk1960

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    Very impressive. It will be great to have a kicker that reliable back next year for his senior year and then maybe a shot in the NFL.
  11. hawkdrummer1

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    Keith had a terrific year, and he's a great kid. But Ring of Honor. Naw. Hit a few from over 50 and we're talkin'
  12. 99topdawg

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    In case anyone was wondering, here are the 26, with and asterisk next to the unanimous selections.

    1919 Lester Belding

    1921 Aubrey Devine

    1922 Gordon Locke

    1939 Nile Kinnick

    1954-55 Calvin Jones

    1957 Alex Karras

    1958* Randy Duncan

    1981 Reggie Roby

    1981 Andre Tippett

    1984-85* Larry Station

    1985* Chuck Long

    1988 Marv Cook

    1991 Leroy Smith

    1997 Tim Dwight

    1998 Jared Devries

    2002 Dallas Clark

    2002* Eric Steinbach

    2003* Robert Gallery

    2003 Nate Kaeding

    2008* Shonn Greene

    2010 Adrian Clayborn

    2014* Brandon Scherff

    2015* Desmond King

    2017* Josey Jewell

    2017* Josh Jackson

    2019 Keith Duncan
  13. Fryowa

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    If he somehow got consensus back to back (which would take a miracle anyway), what would be the justification for keeping his name off the box when one of the two qualifiers is more than one consensus AA? The other one is college football hall of fame.

    If he’s that good next year he’s going to the NFL on a rocket sled, and it’d mean he passed Kaeding on the charts. Not trying to be argumentative, but if the guy met the long-established criteria what do you say when you don’t put him up there? “He was just a kicker so even though three different services named him AA six freakin times in a row we can’t call him one of the ultimate greats?”

    They would’ve put Nate up there had he gone consensus the first year.
  14. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member

    You could certainly make an argument for him if he puts up the same kind of numbers next year. But "awards" are always subjective (look no further than the fact that he didn't win the Groza).

    Let's say he performs similarly next year. Would you honestly say he had a more impressive career than Kaeding? I wouldn't. Great numbers...but the kind of big, clutch kicks...many from over 50 yards that Nate made will probably never be touched. That's why there's still an "eye test" for the inclusion and it's not automatic.

    Again, I have nothing against Keith. He's a great Hawkeye and a terrific young man. No doubt about that. (I hesitate to even have this discussion as I know some douche bag will scream "HATER"...rather than consider the points and talk about it in a reasonable manner)

    Try it this way. Read off those names on the press box and ask yourself if his really has the same gravity and significance in IOWA lore, even if you fast forward 10 years. The answer is pretty clear when you look at it that way.
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  15. okeefe4prez

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    It ain't fair to Nate. Nate had to contend with O'Keefe calling the offense and that limited his kicking numbers, but Nate was absolutely a better kicker than Duncan. You can't put Duncan in just because he got 2x the attempts of the average kicker due to how bad Brian Ferentz is at calling plays in the red zone. Didn't Nate even score a TD that one year in Columbus?
  16. uihawk82

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    Roby also kicked some long range field goal tries, not sure what his stats were. We were at Zuppke field and there was a strong wind from the north and Fry had him try one from about 50 into that wind, which made it an extremely long kick. He had the distance but I think the wind pushed it for a miss. He was a straight on kicker and he could boot the ball.

    I am trying to remember if he kicked off also.

    His punts were amazing, Ray Guy-ish.
  17. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Below is from Wikipedia under search for Roby's Iowa stats. So yes I remember now him kicking off a lot and it was from the 40 yard line so he got a lot of touchbacks. He made 11 FGs, nice from such a long range.

    Reggie was also given the kick off duties and routinely kicked the ball through the uprights at Iowa, a total of 26 times. He was 28-34 for PAT's and was 11-27 in FG attempts, mostly from long range.
  18. InGoodCo

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    If he's an AA he should be considered, if he does it back to back seasons he should be up there. I don't even think AA should be like the main deciding factor for that.... IMO, Bob Sanders name should be on there twice and he was never 1st team. Think about how many great players left early too. I mean, I know it's an exclusive club, but no Bob Sanders?
  19. eledmonster

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    Roby also kicked off and put some of those through the uprights.
  20. okeefe4prez

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    Part of being AA is who else is around. I want to say Sanders had the misfortune of playing at the same time as Sean Taylor at Miami. Taylor was probably better than Sanders. I think he got murdered, didn't he?

    It's like being a middle LB the same year Ray Lewis was playing or something. You could be one of the best to ever play the game, but you ain't beating out Baltimorenthal.
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