Kentucky's Ahmad Wagner

Discussion in 'Football' started by MelroseHawkins, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Can you guys imagine if Sonderreiner or Erek Hansen had worked with Doyle and played football? OMG. Hansen would probably have Randy Moss-like numbers in the NFL by now.
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  3. eveningnewsteam

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    Wouldn’t have worked. Iowa had many 11am kicks those days and Hansen didn’t like getting out of bed before noon
  4. okeefe4prez

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    Hear me out. Say you have Hansen on that team in 2004. You send him down to Arizona State. He catches 7 TDs. Iowa wins that game. Next week in Ann Arbor, bring him out for the second half. Two more TD receptions. We win that game, too. That team is playing for a national title. Would have also gone undefeated in 2005 because Hansen would have caught like 30 TDs. They only needed him in the second half back then other than the Arizona State game, which was a delayed night game.
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    This Erek Hansen? The guy is a twig.....

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    Hmmm...checked kentucky wildcats football statistics for 2018 and there is nothing for Wagner.
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    Please kindly re-read my post. Notice that I said:

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    you don't see many 6'11 wide receivers in college football or the NFL
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    Sonderreiner was a DynamicDuo

    They destroyed that arrogant punk Kris Humphries at Minnesota. He tried to have his way with the Lads and they put him on the floor every time. They showed his father in the stands and he was going nuts.....

    Pleasant memories

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    That game at Arizona State was a Hawkeye Nightmare.....

    One of the Worst.....

    My daughter was watching it with me and late in the fourth quarter she said: Daddy, why are you still watching this game.....

    Maybe the Hawks will score a point or two, Honey, I replied.....

  11. okeefe4prez

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    You know what else you don't see? 6'11" cornerbacks or safeties. Good luck stopping a guy like that in the red zone.
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  12. WinOneThisCentury

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    Wagner looks enormous going for that ball. He wanted it though.

    I wonder what BF is thinking with Fant and Hockenson possibly leaving at the same time. No way Wagner is a receiver at Iowa...but he could add 7-8 pounds to get to 245 and he could be one hell of a TE.
  13. MelroseHawkins

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    Yea. I did the same. I thought he had the game winning catch in that article until I read further down. He had a PI call on the guy against him which resulted in a teammate catching the GW pass.
  14. homes

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    Would have looked great in black and gold, and with Fant and Hockenson for sure/probably/possibly leaving, he would have been a matchup problem for defenses as a TE next year.
  15. okeefe4prez

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    Or he could have been a significant liability in the run game for Iowa's offense. Even without Fant and Hockenson, I'll take the guys we will have next year over a converted hoops player at TE. A TE who can't run block exceptionally well won't see the field much at Iowa. Maybe this guy can run block, but given that they list him at WR, I doubt he can move 240 pound LBs out of the way on stretch plays to the short side of the field.
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    Good points, but I love the way he dwarfed (can I say that still?) that DB in that video.
  17. MelroseHawkins

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    Everyone knows it's " little personed ".
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    Looks like he lost 2" since playing basketball.
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    Chandler throwing to Hansen would bin like me playing keepaway from my brothers kids.
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    I thought it was "special sized".
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