Kevin Warren named B1G commissioner

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkdrummer1, Jun 4, 2019.

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    Good to see Delaney retire. I was not a fan. He did a fine job establishing the cash cow that is BTN but made some real blunders as well like hosting the B1G Tourney in New York, bringing in Rutgers and Maryland, signing with the Pinstripe Bowl, etc.. He is an east coast guy who grew up in NJ and went to school at UNC so his east coast bias was pretty strong.

    Warren seems to have a good background and certainly understands the business side with all his years in NFL ops. Alvarez would have been another good choice but choosing an existing AD within the conference could bring a negative vibe for some.
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  3. mopkins

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    Whats interesting to me is he has zero big ten ties at all that I can see. Not that thats a bad thing, just an interesting thing. Clearly they aren't interested in promoting an AD like Alvarez. They want a commissioner who really understands the business side.
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    Although I agree that Maryland/Rutgers was a bad move, I'm still not sure the member schools would agree. It got the BTN the east coast tv markets they wanted and got each school millions of dollars in the process.

    Now that cable subs are dropping like flies it starts looking dumber and dumber though.
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    If ditching the Pinstripe Bowl isn't part of his agenda, I do not approve.
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    He was very impressive in the BTN news conference.

    In his one year at Penn he was a teammate of Fran. Penn won the Ivy League title that year.

    He transferred to Grand Canyon where he made the 1000 point club and still stands fourth all time. He was elected to the CGU Atheletic Hall of Fame.

    He's a native of Tempe, AZ but I haven't seen what high school.
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    Rutgers and Maryland were all about TV markets...from a business perspective hard to see how that's a bad move.

    Ice skating in Yankee Stadium and calling it a bowl game...well...that was a stupid decision.
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    I became anti Delaney when he brought Maryland and Rutgers into the Big 10
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    Delaney had no B1G ties either. Grew up in New Jersey, went to North Carolina.

    Warren is well-respected up here. Guy is a winner.
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    It is 2019, you really need your commissioner to be business saavy. We are at a point now when even your AD better know how the business side works.
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    So if it was Virginia and Syracuse you would be loving Delaney to death?:)
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    Big 10 should be a mid-west conference. Penn St was pushing it
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    In hindsight I'm not sure the whole "east coast eye balls" theory holds water for actual BTN viewership and that's what drives ad revenues. It would be interesting to see the actual numbers but I doubt that even 10% of BTN viewers are incremental gains from adding Maryland and Rutgers. The other thing people lose sight of is the total BTN revenue is then divided by 14 teams and not 12.

    90% divided by 12 teams is greater than 100% divided by 14 teams.

    I think the B1G would have been strategically better off going after two more Big 12 teams from the states of Oklahoma or Texas to get to a total of 14. Something tells me they could have convinced 2 out of those 6 teams (OU, OSU, Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor or TCU). If that would have happened we would be talking P4 right now and not P5 because the Big 12 would have been down to 8 teams and gone by the wayside ... not to mention the B1G would never have missed out on the college football playoffs last year. ;)
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    That last part is, essentially, what doomed NWs Jim Phillips, IMO. Hell, a couple media types have pointed out that Warren helped in Minnesota's AD search.

    Delaney could be irritating, but the dude was--literally--money for the B1G
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    I think his zero B1G ties is what member schools wanted. Although Warren did help in Minnesota's AD search in some fashion, but I'm not sure that wouldn't be expected, being an NFL guy in a B1G town would bring him into contact with some stellar candidates any way you look at it.
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    Actually, cable subs dropping HELPS the B1G, since the biggest cable markets are in much of B1G "fan country". Big markets are big markets, whether they "cord" or "don't cord". And the most streamers will be found in the places with the best internet "backbone/hubs". Guess where those are?