Kirk and ISM

Discussion in 'Football' started by Northside Hawk, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Was their little sideline meeting caught on camera yesterday? ISM was getting roughed up a bit during the game and drew a couple flags. Things started to get even chippier, verbally and physically, near the end of the third quarter when we were driving for the score that would eventually make it 21-13.

    Smith-Marsette got a brief vacation for about five plays in that drive. The last thing Kirk wanted was a drive killing dead ball penalty. He was waiting for ISM on the sideline near the thirty, right in front of where we were sitting. The conversation did not look pleasant and another coach looked like he was about to intervene when ISM finally took a spot down the sideline a bit. He was back in there after the quarter changed and on the field when Ragaini caught the TD.

    Was the meeting caught on camera and/or discussed by the broadcasters?