Kirk Ferentz on Falling Short in B1G West Again

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Nov 10, 2019.

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  2. MoseSchrute

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    Ho hum....mathematically....(mathematically I'll get to seven wins and get my sweet bonus)
  3. phdsvp

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    "It's hard to do."

    Huh, Kirk. Northwestern did it. Wisconsin keeps doing it. Minnesota is doing it this year. Apparently it's not THAT hard to do...
  4. Xerxes

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    This is the kind of shit that makes it hard to root for KF. Obviously he can't say so publicly but winning the West is not hard. Its the 2nd easiest division in the Power 5.

    Minnesota was a train wreck 12 months ago and it will take an utter collapse for them to not win the West this year.
    NW lost to Akron at home and still went on to win the West last year.
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  5. tksirius

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    "I haven't burnt much energy on it." :rolleyes:
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  6. okeefe4prez

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    Yeah. Like look, if you get hired at Ol Miss and have to get through Bama, LSU and Auburn every year or at South Carolina and have to play Florida, Georgia, Tennessee (down now) and Clemson every year, by all means cite the schedule for a bad record. Programs like Mississippi State or Arkansas or South Carolina can have really good teams and end up 8-4. If you have a really good team in the Big Ten West, it is damned near impossible not to win at least 10 games.
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  7. EstronHawkKing

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    "It's hard to do"

    Let's go find a coach who has the mind set that it isn't hard to do
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  8. Caddy

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    No kidding. Literally the only team we should even struggle to beat in this division is Wisconsin. Now Minnesota has passed us by, and shit we will struggle to beat Illinois.
  9. okeefe4prez

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    Our numbnuts o-coordinator absolutely embarrassed Illinois last year. I didn't like it at the time because he was throwing the ball late with a giant lead to pad Nate's stats (go back and dissect where Nate's stats come from sometime). Illinois has a bye and momentum. I think Lovie is pissed off about last year. You just don't run the score on a team you have to play every year. But numbnuts just had to so that it would pad his aggregate production numbers.
  10. revkev73

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    How about, we expect to win the west, but we haven't, need to take a hard look at how we are coaching, who we have on the field, who we are recruiting, how we keep losing the big games in a similar manner, we need to fix it, now, including me...the buck stops here. Leader talk....
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  11. HawkeyeDenis

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    We got what we expected. Not too many of us gave Iowa a chance in Madison. Yes Iowa fell 2 points shy of a tie. But Wisconsin didn't even play their best game. Iowa went to the pass too late. Iowa is a decent team, just not ready for prime time.
  12. Northside Hawk

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    Brian didn't embarrass Lovie last year, Illinois quit. So you can rip and rip and rip on how clueless Brian is but when it works for one game he is trying to embarrass the opponent and that's wrong too?
  13. smitharooney

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    Wisconsin wasn’t even that good last year and we lost to them at home . This program continues to have the same shortfalls and nothing gets rectified. Anybody else sick of the fair catch for the punt return team ? I mean what in the actual fuck? A good return team can switch field position and make you a great team .
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  14. homes

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    Hold on big fella. Minnesota has won a game against a decent opponent this year. That does not equate to them passing by Iowa. But, that's not really your point.
  15. Iowa Tex

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    When your goal is to score around 17 points and hope your defense can stop everyone, it’s damn hard.

    Our offensive mentality is pathetic. Score some points and pressure the other team into making mistakes trying to keep up. Our defense is tough. Maybe if Brian and OKeefe could use their imagination Parker wouldn’t have to perform miracles.
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  16. okeefe4prez

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    Get O'Keefe's name out of your mouth, bud. O'Keefe ain't out there calling plays. If the defense could have gotten off the field, maybe we wouldn't have lost time of possession 37-23. It's a miracle the offense kept us in that game.
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  17. Iowa Tex

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    So let’s give the guy who was brought in to mentor the OC a pass? If you go 3 and out every series until the 4th quarter you’re time of possession will suck.
  18. cincyhawk

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    This 1000 percent. Why it took till the 4th quarter to decide, what we're doing isn't working, let's throw the ball more than 7 yards downfield in front of the sticks and see what happens is beyond me.

    They should have come into that game being aggressive in the pass game. Iowa was not going to win a street fight with the best street fighting team in the country.
  19. Iowa Tex

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  20. okeefe4prez

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    Don't blame O'Keefe. If the offensive coordinator needs a "mentor" he needs to get his ass down to the MAC or Sun Belt for half a decade to learn what the hell he is doing.
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