Kirk & his neighbors...

Discussion in 'Football' started by tksirius, Jan 10, 2018.

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    9 but I have IBS
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    Not even. Just saw the story elsewhere and knew one of The Syndicate would post on it before anyone else.
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  3. hawkeyebob62

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    Hold forth!

    That was your second go-round, right? Or did you not see action in Spanish-American War?
  4. MoseSchrute

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    I rode bikes on gravel roads and I liked it!
  5. hawkeyebob62

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    It comes off that way, but I think it could be a, "You realize we get enough crap, public-wise, already, right? We really don't need more..." type of thing. That, of course, is whether or not she actually said it.
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    So when the old Scout site dumped--pardon the expression--the "Crapping Your Pants at Work" thread, you were devastated? I know I was, and I DON'T have IBS...but I HAVE been creeped out by some of the ads regarding it.
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    I think that was pretty much what the neighbors were saying. I'm all for sticking up for your property rights... but the phrase "pick your battles" also comes into play. No doubt it wouldn't make the paper if it wasn't Kirk.

    Whatever...I'm just glad my neighbors and I can work out the joint snow plowing thing on our shared drive.
  8. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    Been through it off and on for the past 20 years. Not much you can do, aside from dropping the subtle hints...
  9. revkev73

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    Since this is a rural sounds to me like there are "too many mares" in the barn...or subdivision...swishing tails, biting each other...

    I appreciate the HOA we have in Vegas...keeps cars and crap off the streets...forces home gate...We get an infraction or two a year, and take care of it...leaves...weeds..etc.

    I once drove a motorcycle on a gravel road going 110 mph...that was not smart...

    Perhaps Barta could be assigned for binding arbitration...solve the gravel road saga...
  10. EstronHawkKing

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  11. smitharooney

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    Well she has earned it. Her husband has 6 top 25 finishes in only 19 seasons
  12. smitharooney

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    If your next door neighbor started parking 36 cars in his front yard like he was Sanford and Son and it started to affect your property value, would you then exercise every americans god given right to bitch?
  13. Motigerhawk

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    What we dont know is how the person sub-divided the 20 acres.
    Was it 40 1/2 acre lots? Or 5 4 acre lots? 80 1/4 acre lots?
    This has a lot to do with this whole situation.
    You want to lose your privacy and home value, let a money grabbing developer come in and put 80 1200 square foot houses in your neighborhood.
  14. Locker67

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    Just because they say they bent over backwards does it mean that really happened. Two sides to every story.
  15. Ozhawk

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    I have a friend who ended up in a HOA. He knocked heads with the board from the get-go. Since this was a close-knit smaller community he decided to get back at the board members in public every time he saw them out on the town. He became the Randy Quaid "griswold" brother in law when he had public encounters with other HOA board members. Evidently embarrassed the heck out of them in front of their friends in public. And since the HOA didn't have jurisdiction over the behavior they were helpless. He leveraged it to them personally and it ended up working. They were all afraid of him.
  16. Hawkfnntn

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    That has had to be their biggest fear over the years of living where they do. Just development of any kind really. When they first got it I'm sure it was a great spot. I'm somewhat surprised they aren't in some gated community but that might be the sort of thing they didn't want anything to do with either. (due to HOAs and neighbors perhaps) They only have a couple other neighbors on that road to deal with. Just goes to show ya nutty neighbors are everywhere pretty much. And if you don't know any then you probably are that neighbor.
  17. HawkInATX

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    Nope. Because it's his right to park those cars there provided there is no law (and I'm saying law, not HOA rule) against it.
  18. westender

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    Damn maybe you just need an attachment or Depends. I have thought about wearing some Depends to Kinnick games so I don't have to go up and try to fight that mess of the restroom wait during games.
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    That's because he can't remember if he's told you or not...he's 111.
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