Kirk was out-coached by Harbaugh

Discussion in 'Football' started by tweeterhawk, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. tweeterhawk

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    That seems to be the consensus in the various threads.

    Let that sink in for a moment.
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    moving on...
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    It is Friday now, day before the next big game. I am over the fact that the hawks gave away a chance to win a huge game on the road and stay undefeated. I feel sorry for the players.

    But a win tomorrow keeps them in control of their own fate in the West. I really want these players to have a great season and then that flows to the fans.
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    Jim Harbaugh has a .702 career winning percentage. He's won at least 10 games in half of his seasons as a college coach. He totally rebuilt a dying Stanford program, and reestablished a fading Michigan as a serious threat. Hell, he took Alex Smith (thought to be a total bust) and the 49ers (who hadn't made the playoffs since 2002) to 3 consecutive NFC championship games, and a Super Bowl, and they imploded without him.

    The guy can coach, and has proven it time and again, late season-fades not withstanding.

    I know it's popular to shit on Jim Harbaugh recently but let's not let facts get in the way of a good narrative.
  5. westender

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    Is Jim a terrible coach?
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  6. westender

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    How come Kirk is not undefeated every damn season, damn it. He gets out coached in those losses and if not for that we would be undefeated every single damn year.
  7. EstronHawkKing

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    It's those Wal Mart khaki pants that he wears.
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  8. Hawk1960

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    Well if you are going to hit the rewind button, did KF out-coach the legendary Urban Meyer when we kicked their ass two years ago? Let that sink in for a moment.
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    FIFY: Kirk was out-Kirked by Harbaugh.

    Moving on...
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  11. DDThompson

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    Yes. He’s a bad coach because he can’t win a big game.

    That’s why KF sucks. He can’t win a big game against a guy that can’t win a big game.

    6 days later and that’s the troll — dump on KF instead of rock-n-roll for the team.
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  12. DDThompson

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    LOL! That’s the way you do it
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    Kirk has never been a good 'game coach'...usually lose that fight. Basically run the same offense and defense with almost NO variation, regardless of talent, or opponent. HOWEVER, there is no better coach at DEVELOPING 'no-name', lightly recruited kids, into not only great men, but solid players, many going pro!
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  14. deanvogs

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    You mean the guy who resurrected the Stanford program? Or are you talking about the guy who had San Francisco in the Super Bowl?

    I mean common Tweeter, Harbaugh is a good coach. Now he is flaky as shit, but he knows how to coach, he just couldn't beat Urban and OSU.
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  15. InGoodCo

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    Harbaugh last time I checked was one of the best and most sought after coaches in the game - NFL or College. This is dumb post.
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  16. deanvogs

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    Same stupid posters doing the same stupid bashing they always do after every loss.

    The funny thing is there is alway legitimate criticism to do after losses, too bad Da Haters don't actually do any of that. It is just NEPOTISM! RHABDO! KF MAKES TOO MUCH MONEY! KF DOESN'T CARE ABOUT WINNING. Derp, Derp, Derp, Hate, Hate, Hate.
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  18. Cyhawk

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    No he wasn't, come on man!!
  19. hwk23

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    I would say Don Brown outcoached BF. Not sure either head coach had much to do with the outcome:)
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  20. glnhawk

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    Kirk would get out coach ed in Play Station football by almost every poster on this board.