Kittle Says GET SOME

Discussion in 'Football' started by Fryowa, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Pretty good hype video, I think George looks kind of silly with the mic but I am glad they have relevant former players doing these. Last years Brad Banks one didn't really do it for me. Not that Brad isn't an iconic Hawkeye, he is, it just feels like it lands better when it's a pro-bowler.
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    They had me at "It's almost here, . . ."
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    I feel like these get better every year
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    Boy, Kittle's really changed a lot!! Must be enjoying that San Francisco sun!
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    At this point kittle is the most high profile Hawkeye in the NFL, so they better use him any way they can.

    He’s still flying under the radar because he was catching passes from nick Mullens and the 49ers were piss poor. However if Jimmy G comes back and they sniff the playoffs he’s going to get Travis Kelce or eiffert levels of attention. Hell with his goofy personality he might be the next Gronkowski.

    It’s still amazing he set TE records getting passes from Mullens and CJB (god bless his soul). He should have been MVP just for that. It’s not like he had freaking drew brees throwing to him.
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    I'll admit I got goosebumps during that.
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    I think they're going for the whole Vegas ring announcer thing, I don't mind it!
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