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    Sounds like Koerner has some cuts to his face. They were found face down in the water and not moving ... damn lucky to be alive.
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    It sounds like a passenger on a trailing boat was a nurse and she jumped right in. So they weren't in the water face down for long. But yes, even one minute could have made a big difference. Thank God they were wearing life jackets.

    Coming in contact with the propellor was equally as scary. Humans don't win those battles. Many severe injuries, and some deaths, have been a result of propellor injuries
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    So is he good to go to practice when that starts again?
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    I heard from a lady here at work who went to Dowling with both boys. She knows Chris better and he had a leg amputated and will be in the ICU down there for a couple of more weeks.

    Jack is already back home but on bed rest from a really bad concussion. Apparently, this is his second as he has already had another. That is all I know, but an educated guess is that Jack and his family will be thinking long and hard about whether to continue playing.

    She said Jack was driving.
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    Didn't Jack have a big pick or pass breakup down by the goal line last year at Ames? Thought it was in the fourth quarter.
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    Good to hear he is ok and friend will survive.
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    Yeah a pass breakup on 4th down. He could have caught it easily but smartly batted the ball to the turf.
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    This isn't the full story. In staying with true Iowa State form, the family that pulled Jack into their boat could have done it sooner, but they kept running into each other when attempting to grab the bodies from the water. Too soon?
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    Had another Jack done that many years ago there would have been no immaculate reception. But Tatum was measuring Frenchy Fuqua for the big stick. By doing that instead of knocking the pass down he allowed a freakishly bounce to enter into the equation. And it did. Franco Harris became famous for life.

    It would also happen to Merton Hanks on the final play of the half in 1990vs tOSU. And it ended up taking a freakish bounce and being an unnecessary touchdown for the Buckeyes.
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    Please don't. That game scarred my childhood. Bobby f'ing Olive.
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    Hanks was burned on that TD as we’ll. He played fade, but Olive ran a hard slant. Frey almost overthrew it but Olive, who at best was built like a freshman version of ISM, laid out and made the play. It was similar to the Stanzi to McNutt game winner in East Lansing.