Kriener Traveling Overseas with USA Team

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    IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Senior men’s basketball student-athlete Ryan Kriener will represent the University of Iowa on the USA East Coast basketball team, June 9-16. The squad will compete in three friendly matches in Athens, Greece.

    Adrian Autry of Syracuse will serve as head coach of USA East Coast. Other squad members include KJ Smith (North Carolina); Caleb Smith (Northeastern State); Amorie Archibald (Louisiana Tech); Jalen Carey (Syracuse); Dane Goodwin (Notre Dame); Jake Killingsworth (Columbia); Fenton Bradley Jr. (Western Connecticut State); Juwan Durham (Notre Dame); Will Moreton (Stonehill); and Patrick Tape (Columbia).

    The 11-player roster will compete against the Green National Team and professional club teams from Greece and the Philippines. Games will be live-streamed on June 12, 13, and 14.

    Kriener (6-foot-9, 255 pounds) posted single-season bests in nearly every statistical category. The Spirit Lake, Iowa, native averaged 5.7 points and three rebounds coming off the bench in 33 of 35 contests as a junior. Kriener netted double figures seven times and led the team in steals and blocks eight times last season.

    This marks the seventh year that a Hawkeye has traveled overseas with the USA East Coast basketball team. In 2011, Matt Gatens and Bryce Cartwright traveled overseas; Zach McCabe went in 2012; Jarrod Uthoff was on the roster in 2013; Mike Gesell and Adam Woodbury competed in 2014; Dom Uhl was on the squad in 2015, while Nicholas Baer competed in 2016.

    To follow the progress of Kriener and the team, follow @East_Coast_BBC on Twitter.
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    Rumor has it that Kreiner was looking forward to playing with some black players as a change of pace.
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    Cool opportunity for Ryan. With so many Hawks being on the team in the past, I wonder how the players are chosen. Does Fran have some sort of in or nominate his players somehow?
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    Says the guy who argues you should never say anything that could offend someone. Translation - don't offend my way of thinking but I'll offend with impunity.
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    Who is that offending? It's a pointed critic of Iowa Basketball right now. If you don't think this is an issue right now...once again your head is stuck in the sand. You have 2 black players on a team of 12 right now. It's possible we could add another through transfer...but it's an issue. You have had 2 black players transfer out before their eligibility was up. Am I saying Fran or the program is racist? No...I'm saying they have a perception problem and diversity issue that needs to be dealt with.
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    Which is offensive to some people. Just not to you so I guess it's ok. Let's be done with this in this thread tho. If you respond again I wont here.
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  7. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member the people I'm offending would be white supremacists? I'm confused?
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    Wow. You are so "woke" far as "woke" racist statements can make a guy "woke".
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    There's an elephant in the room if you didn't notice. Then again, it may be sitting on you. So a Big Ten school has a racial make up that is the whitest in America for P5 or major conferences, but you people don't believe it's an issue...or something that may be perceived as a negative. I think it's an issue. If you will notice, I never said Fran or his program was racist...I was pointing out an issue they need to deal with...and I'm sure are dealing with.
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    If the goal is to present yourself as an idiot you are succeeding.
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    I'm so sorry you feel that way. I'll try to be better. The post was an attempt at humor but masked an issue that I know Iowa Basketball is dealing with. You may want to ask the coaching staff if it is something they have addressed a few times already.
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    Dude...that is funny...I've been chuckling about this for 5 minutes. Perfect.
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    Are you say saying you think Fran is purposely looking for more black players now just to get more black players? I kinda hope you are right because black people tend to be better at basketball. But all the same, it's pretty darn racist of you to say.
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    To your point.
    What if Fran lands a really dark toned skinned black player, like an individual you would only see eyes blinking in a really dark room. Would he then get credit for 2 or 2.5 players??

    Disclaimer: I really hope people can read between the lines to see the under meaning of the statement. This to point out the absurdity of this topic. How a simple Ryan Kreiner thread can go off the rails this much is ............ Not stated to harm any black individuals. Diversity is what this country is about.
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    Hey Gump...stop trying to make everything a racist comment.

    Well, considering that 60% of Division 1 basketball players are black, I'm sure Fran is recruiting more black players based on the statistics of who the best players are. As I've said, I don't believe Fran or his program is racist or has any racial bias. What I believe is that for many reasons, we have had two black players transfer before their eligibility was up...we have a make up of 1 black player out of 11 current roster players, with Toussant coming in it will be 2 of 12.

    If I'm a 4* or 5* black player and I go on a recruiting visit to Iowa, does this team look like me? If on the my other visits I encounter 7 of 12 players on average that look like me...does a question come up in my mind about whether I fit into the Iowa program. Is the playing time allocated unfairly? That's the point I'm trying to make...and I think it's one Fran is dealing with and he is undoubtedly addressing with transfers and recruits.

    We lost a ND transfer recruit to an SEC team that never won a conference game last year and has little basketball reputation. That was an eye opener for me.
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    Funny, two of the players will be his own bleach-white kids. That's not helping the %.
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    I've got no problem with any of what you said. What I have a problem with is you saying stuff that could be recieved as racist by some people, and at the same time birating people for doing the same. If you're going to play the "never say anything that 1 out of 1000 people might get offended by" card, you might not want to do it either.
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    No, you didn't. You just let us all know how "woke" you are.