Lets face it, Fitzgerald > Ferentz

Discussion in 'Football' started by skinnykilmer17, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Lets Face it BIg 10 coaches >>> KF
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    And lest we forget, his peers think KF is overrated as well. Imagine all of the great young coaches that would salivate at the opportunity to coach here.
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    the irony is that from a geographical perspective, kirk has (and has had for the last 19+ seasons) the opportunity to do much, much more than what could be done at jNW. kirk and staff can recruit. recruiting isn't necessarily the problem. the problem, in my opinion, is not playing with emotion, the offensive philosophy (it's like the passing game is akin to "break glass in case of emergency), and that he preaches to the plays "take care of your own business and be the best you can be." you know, that last part doesn't inspire team unity and is why kirk depends on the players getting to like each other and if they don't, forget it. if there isn't a "i'm fighting for my brother" mentality, then you are open to division because after awhile, if things are going badly, SOMEONE will say "well hell, that guy is failing but keeps playing, why should i keep busting my ass at doing my job?" folks, that's just human nature.

    kirk actually preaches "individual" instead of "team." fitz is the opposite.
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    The hawks always seem to play with more emotion when they are the underdogs against the big boys.

    When they are favored or playing "non blue bloods" it seems like another day at work.

    It is what it is and I and others have mentioned that Kirk seems to lose a couple each year he and the hawks should win. that is why I dont get too crazyily optimistic anymore as I have seen this happen so many times.

    I will always remember 12-0 in 2015 though as just a great season.
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    The shit you try to do doesn't work on anyone here.

    Not even your WBB buddies.
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    yes it was. but should be 10-0 right now. we're 6-4.
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    His name is Mr. Saban. Anyway, when Mr. Saban retires, there is a Bama alum named Dabo who is one of a few active coaches who have beaten Mr. Saban (Ferentz being one of them) who will get the Bama job. They won't miss a beat and in fact might get better.
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    Touchy, Touchy, Mr Saban is it.
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    Who doesn't love the NCAA series? Also, who was at this presser? A bunch of 3rd graders?
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