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    Been wondering about whether road wins are tougher to achieve in the Big 10 vs. other major conferences this year so did a little number playing. Below is the winning % by the visiting team by conference. In parentheses are the number of teams in the conference with .500 or better results on the road. All data below is conference games only through 3/3.

    ACC - 31.2% (4 out of 12)
    SEC - 31.3% (3 out of 14)
    Big 10 - 35.4% (4 out of 12)
    Big 12 - 37.5% (3 out of 10)
    Pac 12 - 40.8% (4 out of 12)
    Big East - 41.0% (7 out of 15)

    Not that playing on a neutral court is the same as playing at your opponent's den but a few examples of projected tourney teams that perform well away from home and some that don't, here would be a few notables...........again conference games only.

    Good road warriors........Kansas (6-2), Kansas St. (6-2), Georgetown (6-2), Miami (7-2), Oregon (5-2), UCLA (5-2).

    Bad road warriors .......Minnesota (1-6), Iowa State (2-6), Virginia (2-6), Missouri (2-6)
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    The road has always been tough in the B1G. Part of the reason is we for decades have had some of the worst officiating of any conference. Spineless officials will always be influenced by home crowds.
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    And we’ve been on the road for a month.
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    We lose out if we shoot 12% from 3.
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    You have to hit your outside shots to win on the road .
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    Teams don't shoot well on the road ...

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    Wow that’s, uh, yeah that’s crazy. If those are right the B1G might be holding up
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    ^^ Look at the ACC in that pic. Very strange!!
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    I would like to know the free throw discrepancy for road teams in the other conferences compared to the Big 10