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    You're probably right. Was just trying to pump a little ray of sunshine amidst all the negativity.
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    I want it on record that although I’m down on Iowa basketball right now I’m not in the everything sucks we are awful group of posters either.
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    I didn’t think you did
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    My bowling average and my golf average are probably similiar, which doesn't bode well for either.

    My 5k running times are still pretty respectable for being north of fifty.
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    Get back to us in 10 months.
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    Well...just to be clear...they did ask CJ Frederick to stop playing the banjo during recruiting visits...hopefully that helps.
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    It really all comes down to how ready right out of the gates the three freshmen are. But I do find it hard to believe that Connor would get no minutes. If Toussaint can come in and be a solid defender right away then we need him on the floor for 20 to 25 minutes per game. Below is where I would guess things average for the year. I'm combining the 1 and 2 because I believe it's going to be various combinations of these 4 and all 4 can be the primary ball handler at times. JBo and Freddrick will be off ball the most.

    1/2. JBo 30, Toussaint 20, CMac 15, Freddrick 15
    3. Wiesy 30, PMac 10
    4. Nunge 22, Pemsl 12, Kreiner 6
    5. Garza 25, Kreiner 15

    I think the starters will be

    Toussaint (probably CMac at beginning of the year)

    Till plays a similar role to last year where he gets spot minutes if there's an injury or foul trouble to a frontcourt player.

    The more I think about it the more I understand why Moss may have felt his role would diminish next year. It's tough to see how he could get even 20 MPG with the depth at guard.

    I'm optimistic about next year but if Toussaint and Freddrick struggle then this team will also struggle. Or maybe they struggle but PMac plays really well and Wieskamp plays more at the 2. One of the three newcomers has to be a solid and consistent player for this team to have a good year.
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    I fully expect Connor to get minutes, I was just saying if it were up to me I don’t think he would. Honestly he probably gets even more than what you show above. I think your minute breakdown is pretty solid though.
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    I agree that he SHOULD get less minutes. I guess it's Fran's choice if he wants to put his job on the line for playing time for his kids. Ask Lickliter how that worked for him:p
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    I don't understand all the hate for CMac. There's a reason why he closed out a lot of games over Moss. He's a solid player. He just finished his freshman year and is only going to improve.
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    He has to be more of a threat to make a shot. He isn't a bad defender. He can muscle his way in to the lane on a drive and get a layup or a foul. He is a pretty good FT shooter. But, teams don't respect him as a shooter at all which allows them to help or double off of him. The reason that he was in games late last year over Moss is because it allowed Bohannon to play off the ball.
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    Exactly. Connor can provide some solid minutes as a somewhat capable ball handler and defender. I don't think anyone is really hating on Connor, but we need to replace some of the attributes that Moss had within the minutes given next season. Moss was a great 3 point shooter and at this point, Connor has not proven that he has a functioning 3 point stroke. But yet, Connor is in line to soak up a good portion of Moss's minutes. Therefore, there is apprehension surrounding his role next season. I'm hoping that being around Wieskamp, CJ Fredrick, and Bohannon this offseason will get Connor's mechanics sorted and allow him to hit around 35% next season. That would open up a lot of things on offense and make him a more viable option to fill in at the 2.
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    Fun fact. Moss made 3 out of 5 threes against Tennessee. In the 13 games prior he shot 28.1% from 3. CM shot 29.4% in those same 13 games. Moss faded? Connor was improving? We’ll see how next year goes. So many variables and unknowns.
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    He played at the end of the game to help with ball handling on a team completely devoid of ball handlers. Here were his stats in B1G play last season.

    18.2 MPG / 29.8 FG% / 16.7 3P% / 64.1 FT%
    3.1 PPG / 2.6 APG / 1.4 TPG
    PER 7.3 (15 estimates an average player. 8th on the team only ahead of Dailey)

    In B1G play he led the team in turnover % with a gaudy 26.3%. He did lead the team in assist %. Basically he was a guy who got a lot of assists but also got a lot of turnovers. His offensive rating was 8th of the 9 rotational players.

    Defensively the only guard he ranked above was Bohannon, and that’s not a ringing endorsement. He ranked somewhere in the area of the 6-7th best defender on a bad defensive team.
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    Yes, there is a reason......:(
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    Wait, what? What's going on?
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    i think JT's profile was hurt because he doesn't yet have a reliable jumper. otherwise, his recruiting would have been up a notch, in my opinion. i see this as a recruiting steal and JT doesn't need to shoot if he's on the floor with JBo and that gives him a year to improve his jumper. but i don't think JT will ever be relied on to be a jump shooter. i'm fine with that at pg with the current group we have.
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    FMs O is best with at least 3 guys you can’t leave alone behind the arc. Last year that was JBo, Moss And JW in the starting lineup with NB also a threat off the bench. Next year you could have JBo and JW with Nunge as another shooter, JT as a slasher and LG as an all around scorer. Then CJF and maybe PMac are 2 more floor spreading shooters. None of the 3rd shooter options can probably be as reliable as Moss except maybe CJF but he’s gonna be a F.

    The hope has to be that JT and CJF improve overall ball handling skills (Moss was a TO machine) and JT and Nunge improve the defense. I expect both of them will be better than any defender on the 2018-19 squad.
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    I was curious and did some quick math not knowing for sure what the results would be.

    Our 9 Man Rotation
    FT - 74.2%
    3P - 36.5%

    The 5 Returning Players
    FT - 78.9%
    3P - 36.8%

    I expected the FT percentage to go up since Cook and Baer both shot in the mid sixties. But I thought the 3 percentage would drop without Moss and Baer. Dailey’s misses offset Baer’s and Moss’ threes made.
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    For me, the jury is still out with regard toCMac. However, given Fran’s theory of going deep into the lineup, and with two untested guards + CMac next season, I would see the minutes vary among those three, maybe not with a lot of difference. CMac would certainly bring experience to the table, and I am hopeful the two new guys will learn quickly. Remember that
    Connor was only a freshman last season and really got thrown into the fire. I also think he was told by the coaches to focus on assists and overall offensive leadership, not scoring. I saw him pass up a lot of shots. Defensively, he is not the traditional speedy point guard, but he sure is physical and usually enjoys a height advantage. Experience will help on that end, too. Just to be clear, I do not give a crap who his father is.
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