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    Intriguing and I hope we get him. Just for reasons others have already mentioned, I don't let myself get excited about prospects anymore UNTIL they commit. Just too many that go elsewhere. I'm not writing it off - just that time will tell. Odds are probably against us landing ANY prospect that ends up with lots of appealing offers. Competitive business to be sure.
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    I WIN!! ;)
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    Here's an interview with the kid from earlier today with the World Herald. No mention of Iowa but says he wants to make a decision in 2-3 weeks so he can take summer classes. He grew up a Creighton fans and visited there today. His family also has a connection with Dana Altman.

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    Buh-bye Bol Bol, Hello Lok Wur
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    Bagels and Locs...... yummy
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    He gone. Or actually we didn’t get him and were never going to.
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    freakin' altman!
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    Rob is Fran pursuing this kid. In a recent interview with reporters Fran stated he had no plans to add to what he already has.
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    What's to add when ya got two schollies for the offspring?
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    Let’s hope he has a REALLY, REALLY, good reason for holding those scholarships.

    Dear Santa................................
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    No way is Fran going to bring in another kid that is going to play Patrick's position. Follow along people.

    That would be like Kirk bringing in another OC to be a run game coordinator or something.
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    I would love to see Fran bring in a true power forward. One that rebounds like a um, um a man possessed. Any out there this late in the game?

    Will Pemsl's body hold up?

    I would be ok with a Kreiner upgrade.

    Nunge is unproven at PF and he can't play 40 minutes.
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    If he brought someone that is a good fit it would be okay, but then again, we have interest from a lot of great athletes for the next class. If we could add Xavier Foster, I think he alone would attract a couple of more highly rated ballers to join him in that class.
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    Cedar Rapids Gazette says his finalists are Creighton, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas A&M, and Virginia Tech. No, Iowa. curses.
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    Aloha means goodbye, Fran.
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    In the podcast I posted earlier in this thread, he talks about being intrigued by Hawaii. The radio hosts were joking about getting a free trip there for an official visit, but the kid sounded genuinely interested.

    That said, he's not going to Hawaii.
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    Creighton vs Hawaii............hmmmmm...........let me think.................