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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Tierney, Jun 12, 2019.

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    I say it’s between Creighton and Oregon. Creighton is the team he always followed growing up and his parents have tight relationship with Dana Altman. All depends if he goes with his heart (Creighton), or his head (Oregon).
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    Maybe we should put up some palm trees in Iowa City. :cool:
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    Don’t give the Iowa City council any ideas. They might add some to the Ped mall or throughout downtown Iowa City.
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  4. Tierney

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    Hawaii is beautiful, but it gets pretty hot there.
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    coconuts, anyone?
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    I've never understood how Hawaii wasnt a powerhouse in more sports. At least once in awhile youd think they could be great. I mean if they offered me a full ride at anything itd be pretty tough to not go. What an experience thatd be for a kid to live there for 4 or 5 yrs for free and go to school and play sports.
  7. Tierney

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    Hawaii is full of homeless people, and where there are a lot of homeless people there usually is a lot of crime and drugs.
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  10. Tierney

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    So the odds are pretty good we will never hear about him again as far as being significant in basketball.
  11. ModebaSan

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    I don’t think we get a consideration here. Sounds like Fran is throwing darts here. Pocket the schollie and save it for next year. We have enough bodies for now.
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    The word "distractions" comes to mind. Along with the fact that your season is loaded with brutal road trips and virtual isolation from your family and friends on the mainland. It's kinda tough for Mom and Dad to come to your home games frequently. You also play in front of a lot of empty seats...Hawaii averages 5,000 for basketball (in a 10,000 seat arena) and 25,000 for football (in a 50,000 seat stadium).

    Great place for vacation. Not such a great place to live unless you're wealthy and like a pretty narrowly defined life style and diet.
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    I don't either considering he committed to Oregon on Sunday. :)
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  14. ModebaSan

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    Didn’t know that. Thx for update Rob.
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    This. Was once offered a pretty sweet executive job in Honolulu. Looked into it in depth and concluded I couldn't afford to live there, even on what they planned to pay. That and being so far from fam. Real drawbacks.
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    Tierney, even though he apparently ain't gonna play for da Hawks, please find ways to keep this thread going the next several years so the front page continues to feature the name Loc Wur. Just too cool to let go...