Looking at Iowa Football Player Representation, Retention Since '09

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    Leadership groups, transfer rates, reps in Chicago at B1G media Day, roster makeup for last 11 years:

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    I hope we get the chance to hear directly from Barta and Ferentz on these numbers. I suspect similar analysis is what led to the actions already implemented a few years ago, but the figures from Chicago Media Days are just brutal. That being said, the data seems at its worst in the 2013-2017 timeframe.

    This is less formal, but I do remember a number of black players being highlighted in the preseason videos series they rolled out a few times. IIRC, it was ISM, Hankins, and Wirfs (alongside AJE) when they were all true freshmen in 2017 and then the two Amanis (Hooker and Jones) in 2018.
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    Interesting point. I was thinking back to the old calendar's and I remember quite a few more blacks being pictured on those as well. Not a great look when they can be used through the different forms of media to promote the program yet struggle to find their ways onto the leadership groups, the roles of team captains, or get invited to Big Ten Media day.

    Not saying these are anything more than numbers, but not a good look for the program.
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    As Rob mentions, the stats are nuanced and subject to debate.

    The sentence "Time will tell if the dean of college football coaches can save his legacy" is premature, careless, incendiary, and just plain stupid. JMO
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    Too lazy to do the homework, but isn’t the roster in any given year consist of anywhere between 50-70% Iowa kids? Not making excuses for anything, but aren’t those numbers going to naturally skew white?

    One of the inherent disadvantages that Iowa has always had is population demographics. Changes need to be made and hopefully they are made, but I am not sure what the ideal numbers should look like based on how Iowa has to construct their roster.
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    I think if we’re being honest, we largely know how this will play out. The damage is done. That independent investigation could completely exonerate the remaining coaches (which it will not anyway) presently on the staff and it won’t matter. Iowa is now known as a racist program And it will dog them until they clean house. And for me personally, if the negative continues to be proven for either of the Ferentz’s, boot the staff and promote Kelvin Bell to HC. That’ll fix the narrative overnight. I feel he could grow into the position with the right supporting cast. Just my two cents. Time for new blood in Iowa City. Maybe cancelling the season due to COVID will actually do Iowa some favors. This team has a 7-5/8-4 looking schedule; the longer it drags out with this ongoing chatter, will only create backlash against the coaching staff, particularly BF and KF (for doing nothing about BF). I’d bet good money this program collapses overnight. Hope I’m wrong but it will remain a meddling one, at best, until they clean house.
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    I agree with much of what you say, BlackNGold. The national sports press is killing the Hawks right now..
    The Washed Up Walkons pod cast which featured Jordan Lomax and James Daniels included discussion which hi-lited the racial disparity in selection of captains and in selection of representatives to the BIG X meetings. Lomax &
    Daniels did not cite hard data but had anecdotal evidence. . There was also negative anecdotal discussion about how teams are drafted for the internal competition which takes place during the period from end of football season until spring training..
    The pod cast I cite above is disheartening to hear - it is long, well over an hour. However, Daniels and Lomax are two highly credible, articulate people; they are worth listening to and need to be taken seriously..
    I believer the discussion of BF as KF's successor is now in the rear view mirror.
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    You're entitled to your opinion. Question: Do you think this story damages KF's legacy at all? If so, can you quantify how much?
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    Sorry to chime in here but Question for you Rob: Do you want KF fired or to resign? Sure seems like it with the constant negativity you report
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    I'm reporting what everybody else is reporting. Look around.
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    Hey BlackNGold, your comment to Rob about his "constant negativity" reminds me of a quip from Harry Truman
    who was sometimes called "Give em Hell Harry". A reporter once asked Harry a question along the lines of "why do you give you opponents Hell all of the time?" to which Harry replied, "I don't give em Hell. I just tell the truth & it sounds like Hell".
    Perhaps Rob is merely telling the truth which sounds negative.
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    Yes Rob, and you are part of the problem. Look around and actually OPEN YOUR EYES!

    I'm done with you and your political website.
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    Translation = Don’t write negative things about my favorite football program. Unless I’m bitching about bad coaching decisions. You can report on that.

    I watched how fan bases at other universities going through crises handled the news and am not surprised there’s a faction of the Iowa fan base more concerned with defending the program at all costs and dismissing any allegations of wrong doing.

    This is what happens. It’s a predictable pattern.
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    I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job, you can obviously report whatever you want to. But the fact that you are CHOOSING to feed off all this negativity from players (retweeting, tweets, writing articles to support what they are saying) without actually knowing what’s true or not is souring a lot of fans and people who post or read this site towards you. Personally I wouldn’t go that route, but I guess that’s why I’m not a journalist or involved in the media. Do you honestly enjoy what you’re doing? Honest question.
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    I enjoy my job. I don't enjoy covering this story.

    I'm no choosing to feed negativity. I'm sharing the stories of the players and also have been to both of Iowa's press conferences on the topic and have told its side whenever they've told it. I have not written one word saying I flat out believe any one player's story because I don't know just like I don't know if what Iowa's saying in it's defense is true.

    I also posted a story on all the current players Tweeting the first day they were allowed back on that platform. It showed solidarity. I've written columns saying Iowa and KF could turn this negative into a positive and be the face of change in college football. All of the stories are on the site.
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    Fair enough. I guess we can all agree this year just sucks and everyone is tired of it. I’m just tired of negativity and it seems like that’s all there is in life anymore. Maybe you should start writing some more positive articles, give some people a break from the bulls*it. It’s getting old. The negativity far outweighs the positives. I know that’s the way of the world right now and the Football program, but let the investigators do their jobs and report back when we know the facts. In the meantime give us something enjoyable to read.
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    Huge question here...how do those exact numbers compare to EVERY OTHER P5 school?? Maybe we are par for the course, in regards to black vs non-black players graduating or transferring. Legit question. Possibly a cultural issue. Won’t know unless can compare to other schools
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    Joe Pa-type cult worship.

    I went to PSU in ‘16 and it was a huge eye opener as to how many old, white, rich folks went out of their way to tell me how bad JP got railroaded and how he wasn’t capable of doing what he was accused of. Like, walking around between tailgates people saw my hawk gear and would come up and strike conversation about JP’s innocence, almost like they felt they had to prove some absurd point. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t gone there in person.

    This is the exact same hot garbage being touted here in Iowa. You have the guys like @PawkHawk1 , @WinOneThisCentury , @BlacknGold19 , and tons of others who would believe the sky was green if the Captain told them it was.
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    Cool story. Nobody cares.