Lou Henson

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    His teams, regardless of how legit his recruiting connections were, we’re fun to watch. He introduced physical backcourt defense to a conference that favored jet quick point guards like Isiah Thomas, Ronnie Lester, Rickey Green, Wes Matthews and Kelvin Ransey . He favored three guard lineups like Derek Harper, Craig Tucker and Parry Range; all physical and athletic". He would soon add Bruce Douglas and Doug Altenberger, then eventually Kendall Gill and Stephen Bardo (who was a better player than announcer)

    He was denied a shot at the brass ring when Michigan took him down in an incredible game that showcased a who’s who of future NBA talent. He was a relatively low key coach at a time and place where colorful coaches in the league were a dime a dozen. It’s actually a shame that he was known for a long time for NCAA tournament shortcomings like getting upset by Kentucky in 1984. His final four run in 1989 helped him redeem a good deal of his legacy.
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    He had one of the great nicknames of all time via Dick Vitale: Lou-do
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    If it wasn’t for the Lou doo he would have had the Dicky doo.

    When Lou was in the league with Knight, Heathcoate, Keady, Frieder and others, it made watching the coaches almost as much fun as watching the games, especially in person.
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    May be find peace on the courts on high.