Luka Garza Weighing Options While Working Out with Loaded Iowa Roster

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jun 25, 2020.

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    Coach Fran McCaffery wants what's best for Hawkeye big man:

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    I'm a pessimist at heart, but I was hoping Garza would come back and we long suffering Hawk fans would finally win another B1G title and maybe even make it to another Final Four. Unfortunately, I think the scattershot approach to dealing with the pandemic is making it more and more unlikely that we even have a season. Luka may not even have the option to play in the NBA (or G League) or in Europe. All of these athletes may be forced to suspend their careers (at least) a year. Maybe the NCAA will give all of their participating athletes an extra year of eligibility, but even that would play havoc with HS Seniors preparing to enter college. We are truly in a disrupted and devastating season.

    But, like I said, I'm a pessimist by nature.
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    Garza has a shot to become the leading scorer and leading rebounder in program would have been a lock had he played 4 or 5 more games last year. He also knows the NBA isn't going anywhere for him. He can probably get an insurance policy to protect him...but I think he likes the idea of coming back with the team that's going to be around him. If Bohannon and Nunge come back strong. Holy crap...deep...and we can score from everywhere.

    Bohannon, Frederick, Weiskamp, Nunge, and Garza...5 guys that can shoot the three. Then you bring in Connor and Toussant and you can really run the floor. I wish Pemsl would have come back...for depth...but hopefully one of the young guys can play some minutes down low.
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    I was wondering the same thing about the insurance policy. To be the all time leading scorer at a Big Ten school and also be safe with your financial future seems like a win win.
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    I'm so fired up for this season. But yeah look at it from Frans eyes. This is legacy defining for him. Strait up career defining. There's really no underselling that. The difference between a BIG Title chance, potential final 4 run and maybe being middle of the pack and just making the dance is on the line. As much as all of us hope, want and even assume Garza is coming back nobody wants it more then he does. Frans never had a player like him or a group like this to go with it. I haven't even gotten to his two sons also being on the roster the younger it sounds like is putting weight on and feeling significantly better. There's no way he's had a season he's ever looked more forward to coaching no way.
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    Definitely a tough decision for him, but the price of staying around another year to break the scoring record is that it makes him one more year older in the grand scheme of things. His style of play isn't exactly coveted in the NBA so that year returning could cost him a year playing overseas or in the G League trying to get a shot.

    I think the question may need to be which is more important to him. Is it finishing a career at Iowa and possibly walking away as the all-time leading scorer on a team that could make a deep run in March? Or is a professional career and making an NBA roster his top priority? While they both may be attainable the NBA may still be years away. Either way he's an amazing college player and will go down as one of Iowa's all time greats.

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    Once in a lifetime opportunity to be the National Player of the Year. I don't understand why he would want to throw that chance away to possibly play in the D league or in Europe. Now if he was a lock to be a 2nd round player. I don't blame him.