Luka vs Zion

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    That and Boannon is pretty good at feeding the post too. Doubling Garza next year will be brutal for teams but they will still have to. When he doesn't get doubled, its damn near an automatic 2 points.
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    True. He's a freak athlete.

    But he also had four NBA players on the court with him who required attention. Luka is almost always doubled and often tripled. The Hawkeyes made Ohio State pay for that last night. But teams are still going to let others try to beat them instead of Luka.
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    Well, there's a reason McHale didn't shoot any threes in college - they didn't have the 3-point line until 1987 and he graduated (yes - graduated, not left for the NBA) in 1980. And he did take a fair amount of wing shots as Randy Breuer was in the middle during his senior year; Mychal Thompson was a senior when McHale was a soph.
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    The closest comparison I can think of would be a poor-man's Tim Duncan. Tim had outstanding footwork and post moves around the basket, but also had a sneaky good set shot from deep that he would dagger teams with occasionally.

    McHale had arguably the best post moves in NBA history, and a competitive fire, but not much of an outside shot beyond 15 feet or so. He also wasn't nearly as physical as Garza.
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    With that logic LEBRON JAMES should have won the NBA MVP every year since he joined the league 17 seasons ago and yet he only has 4 MVP awards. So your telling me he was only the best player in the league 4 out of his 17 seasons? Hmmm...
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    I really don’t see what your trying to say, that Zion had a harder time scoring playing with the number one recruiting class in America and the Duke holdovers than Garza, who has only one complementary scorer and is double and triple teamed?
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    I agree with you Rob. If Zion was is the same situation as Garza, I doubt he would do as well being doubled and triple teamed. But I believe he played the power forward spot and would have been trapped on the sideline or corner more often. Zion’s biggest asset was running the court and getting buckets in transition. Don’t think he would do as well in the half court game.
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    There are 2 things that make the comparison difficult:
    Garza is surrounded by less talent, increasing his usage rate, which will inflate his stats.

    Garza is surrounded by less talent, allowing teams to focus more defensive attention his way, which will deflate his stats.

    How much impact does each of these have? Impossible to tell.

    Garza's usage rate this year is 33.2, a very high number. Zion last year was at 28.8 (identical to Tyler Cook as a soph at Iowa).

    Zion was much more efficient, with a 73.3 eFG%, vs. Garza at 59.0%.

    While Zion had very talented players around him, I guarantee the defense was focused on stopping him first, second, and third. However, he did not bear the burden of creating the offense, as Garza often does (Barret had a usage rate of 32.1 last year).

    Both of them are incredible, and they will both end up with one of the 10 highest PER seasons ever in college basketball.
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    Coach K needs to buy a vowel, or several of them.
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    The list in the link is since 2009-10 but nevertheless valid. The top 20 only has 4 players that played in real conferences (sorry Zags your schedule is a joke). Garza would have the 2nd best PER among P5 players if he maintains his production. Kaminsky was 4 lower than A Davis BTW.

    The fact we are legitimately comparing numbers of possibly the most athletic human to play college hoops with Garza is telling. Last year Zion had the most dominating college season since Kevin Durant was at Texas.
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