Marvin McNutt Making a name for himself as a Dolphin in Training Camp

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    Hey all,

    It has been a while. Marvin McNutt is proving to be a good pick up off waivers. I have a feeling that O'keefe stuck his neck out for him and McNutt isn't disappointing. According to some dolphin practice observations, Marvin lead the receivers with 5 catches on the day and showed great chemistry with Matt Moore.

    Dolphins Training Camp 2013: Day 1 Recap - The Phinsider

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    Atta boy Marvin.
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    KOK effect?
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    Wonder if the Eagles will come to regret letting McNutt go given the season-ending injury to Macklin.
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    Hope he does well.
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    A lot of times it's just a matter of what routes you are running in an offense and if the QB will look for you.
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    Monitoring the Miami Dolphins' Bubble Bunch - South Florida

    WR Marvin McNutt: McNutt’s strong start in camp and injuries to the unit have pushed this waiver wire find into one of the Dolphins top four receiver spots. He’s spent the past week as one of Miami’s starters because of injuries to Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Armon Binns and Rishard Matthews.
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