Megan Gustafson for POY

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by StanziUSA, Mar 10, 2019.

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    If she isn’t the National POY there’s 12 more weeks of winter.
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    not according to Jay Bilas of ESPN
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    Espn has some very biased people over there
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    Megan Gustafson for Iowa Men's Head Coach.
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    If she isn’t POY, then there will need to be a Special Counsel appointed....
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    The most prolific player in the country is not necessarily the best player in the country. Last year Gustafson was the most prolific, but I don't think she was the best. This year she improved in pretty much every facet of the game and has elevated a solid but unspectacular roster to a #2 seed. This year I think she is both the most prolific and the best. She still won't go #1 in the WNBA draft, but I think what she can do at the college level is too overwhelming to ignore.
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    They better retire her jersey #. We will never see a player like her again at Iowa.
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    Watched my first ever Women's game on Sunday and it wasn't even fair - Maryland couldn't do anything to stop her, once she got on the block, she didn't miss. If she got the ball near the free throw line, she didn't miss. I can't say that I've seen a single player dominate a game the way she did in a long time.
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    Someone needs to let Jay Bilas know of this!
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    "Hey Hawks, I know that it stings right now, but we just have to keep moving forward," Gustafson wrote her team. "This loss doesn't define us by any means, and for that matter either does getting a championship ring, regardless of whether or not we get one. What matters is our attitude, work ethic, and belief in each other. We are unbreakable as a team because of our determination to get up after we fall."

    Props, sounds like a hell of a person. Go Hawks
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    Megan broke a tourney record by making 13 straight field goals. T. McCowan and T. Michael both held the record of 11 straight. Megan just keeps breaking records! Congrats Megan and if you don't get POY there's something very very wrong!
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    Congratulations Megan! Best basketball player (man or woman) to don the Hawkeye uniform!

    Gary Barta: please do the right thing and retire her number!
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