Megan Gustafson Thanks UI for Choosing Her

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by RobHowe, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. RobHowe

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    Kid is a class act.

  2. EstronHawkKing

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    I hope they retire her jersey. I've heard a few people in the local media in Iowa say that Megan is a female version of Nile Kinnick.
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  3. HaydenHawk56

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    Agreed, she is legend status now. Wish she could get a couple more years.
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  4. DDThompson

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    What a great young lady

    BILLYBOBSTEXAS Well-Known Member

    People like Megan come around maybe once in your lifetime. We all have witnessed a magnificent young lady grace our lives. Nile wound be proud!!!
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  6. Northside Hawk

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    No Megan. Thank you for choosing Iowa!
  7. Robowe

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    I too would like to see her jersey retired. She is a generational player and a great young woman and teammate. She is gonna wind up in the Women’s College Basketball Hall of Fame one day. After all she has given to the UofI and the fans and her team, we need to do this for her. First class!
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  10. MelroseHawkins

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    Megan, Iowa has truly turned out to be the true lucky or fortunate one.

    Love her more and more every day.
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    Is Zion really 6'7? Megan is 6'3 and he looks about an inch and a half or maybe two inches taller than her.