Melvin Gordon

Discussion in 'Football' started by MILHAWKEYE, Nov 29, 2010.


    MILHAWKEYE Well-Known Member

    The local paper on mentioned that he might reconsider his oral commitment to Iowa and think about going to Wisconsin.
  2. Mac50702

    Mac50702 Well-Known Member

    You gotta be kiddin right?
  3. LoewDog

    LoewDog Well-Known Member

    I bet he does.

    MILHAWKEYE Well-Known Member

    It was in the Thanksgiving's Day paper!
  5. HawkeyeRyno

    HawkeyeRyno Banned

    Welcome to a week ago.
  6. BG2004

    BG2004 Member

    Mel Gordon was never a Hawkeye, looking forward to playing against him
  7. MidnightBlueSix

    MidnightBlueSix Well-Known Member

    He's long gone. Screw him. He'll have a blast trying to get some PT behind Clay, Ball, and White. His word is completely meaningless and I'm willing to bet he takes no less than 20 hits against Iowa before suffering a catastrophic injury. Karma sucks.
  8. VenturaAce

    VenturaAce Well-Known Member

    If I was a RB, I know what O I'd rather play for...and I don't even like wearing RED. Of course at Iowa, any RB that has any semblence of staying healthy is bound to get their share of carries in the years to come.
  9. tm3308

    tm3308 Well-Known Member

    1. Clay probably isn't going to be there.

    2. Ball is the 3rd stringer this season, and he's got what, 15 TD's now? I don't think being the starter is all that important up there, in regards to the numbers a player puts up.