Michael Porter Jr.- Iowa connection

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    I'm sure Fran is. We are on his list. I'm surprised there isn't an offer from us on there but there will be. He's as good of a kid as there will be in that class. The athleticism he has body control is just awesome. Looks like a 6'8 shooting guard almost. All the big boys will be after him I'm sure so I'm not holding my breathe...
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    He should offer, but there's little chance we land him, IMO. He's only a sophomore and already holds offers from Kansas and Indiana, and there's no way that more offers won't be flowing in over the next year or so. He's currently ranked as the #4 prospect in the 2017 class. He's going to have his pick of the litter.
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    Sounds like it's time to hire his mom as a "special consultant" to the women's basketball team.
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    Agree... I don't watch a lot of recruiting videos but this is one of the more impressive.
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    Lol. This guy isn't coming to Iowa.
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    His dad is an assistant women's coach at Missouri, so there's that, too. Mom's sister (his aunt) is the head women's coach there as well.
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    Five star prospect who's a legacy. Why wouldn't we go after him?
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    Who was the last five star that we got if ever?
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    Wasn't Worley a 5-star guy? Tyler Smith was only 4, and we obviously haven't landed a 5-star since then.
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    Lil Lick would have been but Rivals didn't want to waste their time ranking him since it was obvious he would end up at iowa.
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    If you go to his 247 profile, under timeline it says Iowa offered him on July 4th.
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    Ricky Davis 5 star?
    Remeber he shared minutes with Kent Macausland before moving on to NBA as 1st round pick...
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    I was thinking Worley was a 4 but I could be wrong, I didn't follow recruiting very close back then.