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    For a minute there I got excited I thought this was Bo Porter's kid.......I was like yeah Iowa has a shot at him. It is not his kid at least I do not think it is his kid........Anyway, holy smokes can that kid jump.
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    Washington just hired his dad as an assistant coach...
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    Pretty much seals the deal for Porter then. Complete package deal with the Father, and two sons (his younger brother is already committed to the Huskies '18 recruiting class).
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    I don't get how Washington is doing this, but in the '15 they signed 4 4* kids and in '16 a 5* kid, now Porter will be a 5* and the #2 player in the country coming in for '17. Then in '18 they will have his brother a 4* kid coming in as well. Unreal.
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    Maybe he'll come to Iowa so he can watch grandpa Arlo race at Hawkeye Downs.
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    Missouri just hired his dad as as assistant coach. Jr is going to go to Missouri now.

    Iowa should have hired dad as ass't coach and mom (Lisa Becker, former Hawk) to the women's team. He's got a younger brother that's #60 in his recruiting class.
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    Nope that's clearly a pay for play deal. Hire my dad to a 6 figure contract and then I will come play for your school. Yup that's the definition of impermissible benefits. I can't imagine it is 3 years until Mizzou is under NCAA investigation. I'll take misguided hopes and disappointing seasons over cheating for a 1 and done kid. If we can get a 1 and done the legit way I'm all for it, but I don't support selling your soul for wins.
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    I don't like it either. I wouldn't have argued against it if we'd have done it, but I don't like it...which I realize doesn't make much sense.
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    To be honest, I think the NCAA should adopt a rule that a college cannot offer a scholarship to an athlete whose parent/guardian/sibling is on the payroll of the institution. I know .. it's not realistic.

    GO HAWKS!!!
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    You know, I also wouldn't have cried foul if we had hired the kids dad and the kid committed. It would be a little on the sketchy side, but I could have lived with it. The kicker for me is that his dad changes jobs and the kid magically follows. While it's quite possible the kid just wants to play for his pops, but the whole thing just stinks too much to touch now. It would always have that tainted feel. If we had pulled it off first it wouldn't have had the same stain, but being the sloppy seconds probably wasn't ever an option. Even though we could probably make a deep tourney run with a ready pro like this kid and what we already have. It's just not to be and it's probably for the better. I hope this is the worst thing Martin does at Missouri. Columbia isn't terrible, but the state of Missouri in general is a hot bed of racial tension. So bad that Anderson split in the middle of the night and took over a full rebuild at Arkansas after establishing several seasons of success at Mizzou. Best of luck to Martin. I imagine he has an error margin as thin as a penny before shit gets weird for him there.
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    Do you live in Missouri? I live in St. Louis. Sure there's a few spots like Ferguson that was so over blown. But it's a good state.

    There was the one incident at Mizzou where a kid, the student body president claimed racism. That was overblown as well. Turns out his dad is a railroad executive from Omaha. It died down quickly when a few people stepped down from their jobs.

    Kim Anderson failed at Mizzou because he recruited a bunch of 2 star BB players who were not very good and Frank Haith before him committed several violations.

    As for the Porter's, they lived and grew up in Columbia until about 2 years ago when his dad was hired at Washington.

    2 of his sisters play at Mizzou and his Aunt is the head women's coach there. In reality he is coming home.

    Please know all the facts before posting. For the record, I'm an Iowa native living in St. Louis. I love Iowa, but St. Louis offers SO much more as a whole. I'm also a big Hawkeye fan and think highly of Fran. He has the BB program headed where it needs to go. He's also one of the nicest genuine people you will ever meet.
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    Interesting. I did not realize he also had daughters. His 2 daughters committed to Mizzou right after Michael Porter Sr. was hired as an assistant to that program (his sister-in-law is the head coach). From the outside, he definitely seems to be selling himself and his kids as a package deal (their are 8 kids in total, by the way). However, if you read his quotes he does not seem like a LaVar Ball type, and perhaps there is more coincidence to this thing than most would believe.

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    You are correct. Porter Sr. seems to be the opposite of Ball. They appear to be a good well grounded family and I hope they stay that way.
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    You are right. I don't know all the facts involving this matter. I didn't know about any of the Missouri roots, and yes that does change the perspective a little. It does not appear as shady, but there is still some meat on the bone.

    As for the state of Missouri. I have friends and family from Springfield, KC, Columbia, Branson, Rolla, & Summerville. I regret to inform you that things in some of these other cities and towns are not near as progressive as St Louis. My guess is the poorer side of St. Louis you go the more the racial tension builds. Is South St Louis still the kind of place you don't stop at stop lights?

    As for Anderson. I am referring to Mike Anderson, not Kim Anderson. I apologize I should have clarified better, but I thought it was well known that Mike Anderson was the coach of Arkansas. He left Missouri 2 years after a run to the Elite 8. He was not ran out by the school. He left on his own to return to Arkansas. I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Fayetteville and the latter played ball for the razorbacks. They are still active in the basketball world down there. Mike Anderson has publicly stated that he left Mizzou for 2 reasons. First and foremost Arkansas was like home. He spent 15 years there under Richardson. Second though was the racial slurs and death threats that he suffered while at Missouri. I won't repeat some of the things that he says he was called, but he was the victim of a particular nick-name that was down right despicable. Watch Remember the Titans. Coach Herman Boone is called the exact same nick-name in the movie.

    In summation, I stand by my comment that Missouri is a racial hot bed with a large contingency of racial bigots. The job hasn't changed in 5 years since Mike Anderson left and Martin could experience the exact same treatment. I hope he does not, because I don't believe people should ever have to live with that.
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    I spoke with Porter Sr. and Jr. at the Nike EYBL in Minneapolis a few summers ago when Iowa still was in the picture. Very nice people. Jr. is a one and done.
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    At first I thought this was shady, but after reading your link and the link someone else posted I realize I have to dial this back a bit. There are so many connections to the Missouri program that are completely innocent. For example, Porter, Sr. spent 3 years as the Missouri's basketball operation person. I am not sold on Cuonzo Martin as a coach, he seems like a vagabond coach to me....this is what Missouri wanted to each his own I guess.
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    Martin is from East St Louis. He coached at Missouri St. I think this is a destination for him.
    From what I hear he is a great recruiter that cant coach. Think George Raveling.

    While he may think Mizzou is his end job, it may not be from Mizzous perspective.
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