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    that picture didn't display
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    He can't even make it on the Captain Morgan commercials
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    Yet another fail. Did you get a plastic bag stuck on your head for 15 minutes when you were a kid?
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    The Following IS all you need to know and it doesn't bode well for a WEST crown:

    Over the past three seasons, in which Iowa’s overall record is a respectable 25-14, Kirk Ferentz is 0-11 against the current coaches at Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin.

    That’s almost hard to believe, considering that Ferentz is 11-0 over three years against Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Michigan and Ohio State.
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    Dude, attribute your sources:
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    Keep it up doing the good work of #Fry"Opps"I burned my peckers in the frying pan Iowa."| Keep it up....... Heck, keep it up. You're slow,man, way too slow. Your grandma can do a better job than you do. You're weak and lame.
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