Monika Czinano First Team All Big 10

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by ClintonIAfan, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. ClintonIAfan

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    Iowa has the best center in the conference again. She leads the conference in shooting percentage, and is a huge presence in the paint.

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  2. judzeehawk

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    Congrats Monika! Made huge strides this season!
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  3. hagarwood

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    Congratulations to Monika and let's thank Megan one more time. Her work was instrumental in Czinano's growth. She's going to be a beast for two more years. :)
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  4. Butkus051

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    Monika was 2nd Team All Big Ten. Even so, Czinano has been a breath of fresh air all season especially in light of Megan's graduation! Honestly, her selection to 2nd Team All Big Ten was somewhat of a surprise. Granted, she has precise (Leads the nation in FG % 69.9%) shooting skills and is constantly on the hustle. Even so, there is definite need for improvement. First and foremost, her footwork needs improvement which will significantly improve her game. While Kathleen Doyle has made a living getting "on the floor", Czinano spends far too much time there. Another concern is defensive lapses (but more experience will cure that) One last thing .... I like my players with a a bit of attitude when they're on the floor. I call it the "PV Factor". (i.e. Piss & Vinegar). Gustafson had it. Czinano needs to get it.. Iowa was significantly outrebounded in all their losses this year (exception Nebraska) Two things are needed for continued success: 1) Czinano's development must continue and 2) Coach Bluder must find a viable replacement for the #4 spot. WHile Warnock has shown to be a competent #4, its not her position. She is a #3 player.
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  5. ClintonIAfan

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    First team media, and second team coaches. It’s amazing that Iowa has the best center in the big 10 again. I expect that next year she will be unanimous first team.
  6. judzeehawk

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    I wish Kate Martin was a couple of inches taller and she'd be a perfect #4. Has the attitude you are looking for also! I've been very hard on Monika and I try to remind myself that this was basically her first year as a sophomore. I think we'll see vast improvement next season. Jan will get her fired up.
  7. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    Coach Bluder does a great job of making adjustments to the offense during the off season. They have had success with both double post and 4 guard offenses depending on what players are on the roster each year. With 4 3 point shooters out there it does help to free up space for Monika inside while increasing Iowa's potency from 3 point range. It won't be a problem.
  8. uihawk82

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    Congrats and that also goes to our player of the year
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    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member