More bowls! More bowls! More bowls!

Discussion in 'Football' started by Seth53, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Yankee stadium is certainly an iconic venue-for a baseball game in June or July.

    For a football game in late December on a subfreezing night, it's more suitable for motorcycle racing in ice. Which is what happens when you play football in a stadium designed for baseball with no heating coils beneath the field. The sightlines didn't look the best either. At least the cookie cutter multiuse stadiums of the seventies and eighties had some sections that could be physically moved to improve sightlines somewhat for football.
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    Woo hoo! The Cheez-it bowl is back!

    (Previously known as the Cactus/Copper/ Bowl)

    Big Ten vs. Big 12
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    The only thing that is more brutal than watching the pinstripe bowl is playing in it. Why not just play a game on a frozen lake?
    It's a ridiculous venue and I wouldn't blame any player for refusing to play there in December from a pure safety standpoint.
    Mr B1G Commissioner...TEAR DOWN THAT BOWL GAME!
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    The only thing worse than the Pinstripe Bowl field in the frigid cold is the Pinstripe Bowl field when it is unseasonable warm. The sod layer just turns to mush and rips up.
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    Whatever happened to the idea of having a bowl game at Wrigley Field? Didn't the owners (chairmen) propose a new bowl game to be held there?
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    Arizona St's Sun Devil Stadium has undergone a major renovation the last few years. The B1G took some time off to get this done but it should be a great place for a bowl game now.

    Likewise, the new Vegas Stadium will be done by this time. That would be a fun venue for a bowl game.
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    Why don't they start having preseason bowls, that would be awesome, we would have a great preseason bowl record and bonuses for all. Go Hawks!
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    The Pinstripe And Quick Lane Bowls are punishments, not rewards.
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    Just say NO to bowl games north of Nashville.
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    That idea died a quick death.
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    11 divided by 14 = 78.6% of the league will get an offer.

    Use to be a bowl invite was a badge of courage, a true reward for a good/great season.

    Now it's a participation ribbon, a playoff consolation prize, and, (should be) a fireable offense for *not* going to one.
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    That's the $EC. B1G only has 9..."only"...
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    Although the Big Ten has agreements with 11 bowls, they will never send teams to more than 9 of those bowls in 1 year.

    The deal is whenever the Big Ten sends a team to the Orange Bowl, the ACC then takes over the Big Ten's spot in the Outback Bowl.

    The Belk and Las Vegas bowls are split 50/50 so whenever the Big Ten sends a team to Las Vegas, they don't get a spot in the Belk that year, and Vice Versa

    Net result. Only 9 bowls a year.

    Of course this does not include the playoff bowls or Acces bowls, or any bowl with an extra spot left after all bowl tie-ins are filled in.
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    OK cool....9/14 = 64%. Still way too many.
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    I'd be in for the Vegas Stadium. Fun venue and cheap flights.
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    I will add...I've gone to five Hawk bowls....three in Tampa, one in Orlando and one in Tempe. Tampa is always fun. Orlando is a dump. Tempe was so-so.