More troubles in Cornhusker country

Discussion in 'Football' started by Herkeye1986, Jul 16, 2019.

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    Meaningless info. These guys will start day one.
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    couple of brothers with a little weed...I'm shocked
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    I found the tone of the story interesting. Summary? It was no big deal...
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    Actually neither one is a starter.
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    Maurice Washington has likely played his last P5 football snap.

    He's going to take a plea, but with the circumstances even if Frost decides to play him there's no way he makes it out of the PR shit storm that would come his way.

    He sent a video of a 15 year old girl getting sexually assaulted to said 15 year old girl as revenge. The dude had a video of a child getting raped on his fuckin phone, and any plea is admitting he did it. There's no getting out of this one.

    Frost is a morally blank douche bag no doubt, but this isn't the same world where Doctor Tommy can decide to play Lawrence Phillips regardless of what anyone thinks. If he put that dick bag Washington on the field Twitter would eat the program alive and Frost & Moos know it.
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    I was not aware of where the case was status wise. So yea if he is taking a plea then definitely not likely to see him again. Boy that definitely hurts them as he was for sure next in line to be the primary RB.
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    Whatever your opinion on the legality of marijuana, it is just stupid behavior for supposed elite college athletes. It's not exactly a performance or motivation enhancer, and if I had their opportunity, I wouldn't be using it. But Nebraska has been recruiting some stupid players for quite some time now, and I hope they continue.
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    He was a killer against Iowa last year, I won’t miss him.
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    If you can score touchdowns, you will ALWAYS have a place at Nebraska. Period.
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    Iowa needs to get on the ball and get with it.
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    Done correctly, marijuana can sometimes enhance recovery. No, not a motivational tool. But, a quicker, better recovery from injury and the grind of a B1G schedule can be beneficial.
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    Idk about that. Could be. I was a fairly big supporter of medical mj and still am.
    It has medicinal value in everything from migraines to just not being able to sleep.
    I think people should be able to grow and take care of themselves, just as our ancestors did.
    The law should only be concerned with how much they can grow and owi's and such.
    HOWEVER, I don't believe in recreational use.
    Because there are to many people who can't control themselves hence the need for a doctors scrip and laws saying how much they can grow. It's no different, except for the scrip part than making wine or beer for personal use. Step outside that line and the ATF steps in.
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    The real issue is that with NCAA drug testing, cannabinoids are a banned substance. Doesn't matter if it's legal in the state where you reside, it's illegal by NCAA standards.
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    LOL. 'Supposed elite college athletes'. What are you talking about.