Murray Twins Commit to Iowa

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Husky28

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    I'm hoping that at least one of them can be the power forward to help defend 4's. Our bigs don't have the hops to do that.
  2. InGoodCo

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    I liked Lightning1 a lot - I actually learned his true identity when he paid his bet. I valued that info a lot more then the $50 because it made him human to me. What does that mean? Without saying too much, let's just say that by what I gleaned from a few social media searches was that he wasn't the infallible savant he portrayed. It made him human to me and suddenly I didn't really have the fight left in me to argue with the guy anymore. I thought he was pretty knowledgeable about Iowa hoops, he was always easy to battle because it only took a couple of exchanges before he called you a name and started with superlatives that couldn't be proven....which was always my angle of argument with the guy to begin with. I wish him the best and wish he was still around.
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  3. phdsvp

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    Don't go watch the videos of these two, because they don't look like they'd be players at an MVC school, much less the Big 10. They've got a year to fill out and improve, but...woof.
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    I do feel that every single poster bring some kind of value to the forums, even if it isn't in every single post. For every person that isn't here, it's one thing less that we can discuss and philosophize about. In that regard, I wish he was here too. I never claimed to know a whole lot about basketball (I know a lot more about football) so I always welcome any reasoned insights from anyone. I do know a lot about people, Iowa athletics and using evidence, however, and these areas are where he and a few others generally fall well short of par.
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  5. JG10Hawk

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    Lightning1 made the board entertaining that's for sure. He was a fairly intelligent poster when it came to basketball but he had his idea of the best way to play the game and how it should be coached. Anything that strayed too far away from his philosophy was the wrong way of doing things. That was his mindset a lot of the time and he would argue without much of an open mind about other ways of doing things. Right, wrong, or indifferent, that was his personality on this board and it's been slower on the basketball forum with him gone.
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  6. InGoodCo

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    God is the tape that bad? From what I've been reading on Twitter, their old man is telling people to go watch their tape before they judge?
  7. ibahawkeye

    ibahawkeye Well-Known Member

    Honest question.... when did we offer?

    Sounds like the kids had a good tourney recently so maybe that sparked Fran's confidence to offer and get in early.


    They were fall back recruits knowing they were legacy recruits knowing they would accept on offer so when we missed on others we went this route.
  8. Zstatman

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    I lost my excel file so I need somebody smarter than me to find it.

    I don't remember the Hardaways being in the top 10 and am pretty sure the Robinson's were not, didn't junior go pro early? But Jalen and Jimmy were top 10 I'm pretty sure.
  9. N8theGr8

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    Probably a bit of both. Putting on 20lbs+ of muscle certainly wouldn't hurt your game at 6'8. And you'd be hard pressed to find another package deal of SF/PF type guys that have the ability to shoot 50/40/90. The question will be if they've elevated their athleticism enough to play hang with the monsters in the B1G. Fran must have seen enough to think so, and he's been a reasonably good judge of it in the past, but he's also had some painful misses.

    Speaking to the legacy part of this, boy is it going to hurt if it's a miss on these two. All the extra scrutiny of being legacy recruits tied up with the perception that they were fall backs after Fran missed on the guys he wanted. Not to mention two scholarships locked up for 4 years.
  10. ibahawkeye

    ibahawkeye Well-Known Member

    Hard to see one working out and one not. So yes I see it either working out for both or both being a miss. So I guess in some sense it'll be great if it works out but I fear if it doesn't, we have 2 misses.
  11. ibahawkeye

    ibahawkeye Well-Known Member

    Twins worked our for KU and Nevada... Hopefully Hawks will have similar result.
  12. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    He told me a while back not to take him seriously-it was just that he could be very abrasive when stating his opinion.

    That's a paraphrase but I think pretty close to what he posted.
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  13. JG10Hawk

    JG10Hawk Well-Known Member

    I'd say that sums him up pretty well. :)

    I think a lot of us can relate at times. He was always just way more aggressive with his rebuttals than most. It was great entertainment that helped pass the time, especially during the off season.
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  14. Zstatman

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    Back in the day, the Van Arsdale twins, Dick and Tom, played at Indiana and both went on to good NBA careers.

    MILHAWKEYE Well-Known Member

    The Lopez twins at Stanford and the Harrison twins at Kentucky were good players.
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  16. JG10Hawk

    JG10Hawk Well-Known Member

    Stanford had another pair of twin bigs as well in Jarron & Jason Collins. Both played about a decade or so in the NBA after 4 years of college in the late 90s early 2000s.
  17. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Harvey and Horace Grant were identical twins who played at different schools, Oklahoma and Clemson.
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  18. revkev73

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    I like the NHL format where teenagers are drafted and then can also decide to go to college if they don't want to start playing for money at that point. That way, they can be invited to their NHL team for rookie camps, and be invited to preseason camps for the entire roster if they are invited. This way, they can remain amateurs and attend college if they don't feel, and the team agrees, that they need more growth before a potential jump to the AHL or NHL. It seems more fair to the players and gives them a nice look at their potential, whether for money or to get a college degree along with some hockey development and a shot a national title. It seems like a win/win. Plus, the the drafting team can protect their picks from other teams while they develop in college.
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  19. Northside Hawk

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    They worked out pretty good for Dolly Parton too.
  20. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    85%+ FT shooters are good shooters, Iowa needs good shooters, that's how you win games.
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