My Story on Oliver Martin Transferring

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. RobHowe

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  2. revkev73

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    Do we really need another skill position player?
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  3. HaydenHawk56

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    He can run wind sprints for us. ;)
  4. Hawknigh

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    Can't wait to hear the whole story. Assuming that he sees the writing on the wall about not getting much playing time in Ann Arbor. Has he already gotten indications (tampering) from elsewhere to give him hope? Is there a girlfriend or some other factor in the mix? A Michigan education for catching 13 passes per season is not a bad trade!
  5. Husky28

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    The fact that he’s even played in D1 game shows he’s already proven over any “potential” freshman. 13 catches with a team loaded with talent takes it to another level.
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  6. Grady

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    This will be a fascinating story to watch unfold. He obviously has a lot of confidence in his abilities, and saw himself as a big-time receiver for a big time (Michigan) program. Altho now probably somewhat humbled, his transfer implies that he still feels he can be a major contributor...somewhere. It will be interesting to see how much attention he gets from other D-1 programs: will he get the same big-time offers from the same schools he got 2 years ago?
    Nothing much has changed in the Iowa program -- or its offensive scheme -- since Oliver chose to go elsewhere a short while ago, so it's hard to imagine what would draw him back to Iowa City now. My guess is he'll probably end up at a Power 5, pass-every-down type school like Texas Tech or Purdue where he's guaranteed to get a ton of catches and yards, and where his height would not be the same issue it would be in a pro-style offense.
  7. revkev73

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    If he wants to "showcase" his WR talents, why would he go to Iowa. If he wants to showcase his blocking ability, perhaps. But if he didn't want to go to Iowa in the first place, why go back? And is KF a "forgiving" coach once shunned by talent which walked away to Ann Arbor? I don't see it happening. Hope so, however.
  8. RobHowe

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    I believe Iowa is the favorite here.

    That said, it's not a done deal, and as we saw last week, things can change.
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  9. eveningnewsteam

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    With Iowa I assume it’ll be a pretty short recruiting process. Are you in or out? I just don’t see Iowa going through the recruiting process with him if he decides to look around.
  10. RobHowe

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    I don't think Iowa would operate that way. Let the kid make sure this is where he wants to be. Pressuring kids is just not a good practice.
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  11. Hawknigh

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    Now you've got my attention.
  12. RobHowe

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    Well, his grandmother started following me in twitter...
  13. Jonrn

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    I don’t think this is an accurate assessment. I take Brian at his word when he talks about putting the best players on the field. If he feels the most talented guys are the WRs he’ll utilize them. Obviously he felt most confident in the TEs and Easley lately. I guarantee if Martin comes in and tears things up, Iowa will become more pass happy. Brandon Smith and ISM are decent receivers, but I don’t view either as a potential draft pick, neither would start at a top ten program.
  14. Jonrn

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    Have you watched Hawkeye football lately? They’re consistently in the 90’s in total offense rankings nationwide.
  15. PCHawk

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    I agree. McNutt caught plenty of passes.
  16. NikeHawk21

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    I kind of interpret what the poster was saying a little differently. Oliver knows Iowa and Iowa knows Oliver. If this is where he wants to be great, we will gladly take him.

    But I don’t think Kirk and co are interested in chasing him around again. Now that doesn’t mean they are pressuring him either, if he wants to be chased around it just wouldn’t be by us.

    That’s noticeably different than a PJ Fleck pressure in my estimation.
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  17. WinOneThisCentury

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    My guess is that he saw Nick Easley catch 47 balls and thought...i'm better than that dude. They also just had two TEs accomplish something that has never happened before in draft history. He's a great add any way you look at it.
  18. Ree4

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    He misses his friends
  19. PCHawk

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    That's pretty much what I'm saying. If he doesn't know he wants to be at iowa right now, it probably means he doesn't really want to be at iowa. I think he's already there and it's not announced yet. That's what I'm hoping for too.
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  20. RobHowe

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    I don't think you have to chase him around to let him explore all his options and then decide where he wants to go. Iowa has a different WR coach now than when he was being recruited as well. He does not know him.

    I'm not saying pressuring him like Fleck. But putting an ultimatum on him is pressure and I don't think the Iowa coaches operate that way. They want kids that want to be here. The kid already has chosen a place where he didn't fit. Let him find the right fit this time.

    Again, I think Iowa is very much a possibility and if I were wagering it would be the place I'd bet he ends up. But, there's a process that needs to play out. How long that will take I don't know.
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