My Story on Oliver Martin Transferring

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    I expect Martin to be the most skilled WR that we have. Mainly because he learned techniques at UM that we probably don't get around to. Of course there is the blocking that Iowa requires.

    What's your take Rob, hypothetically if Martin gets the waiver do you think he over takes Tracey and Ragini for the slot?
  2. HawkleberryFinn

    HawkleberryFinn Well-Known Member

    This very question has kept me up all night: Can Martin downfield block for Shadrick Byrd? ...time will tell...time will tell.
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  3. #1DieHardHawk

    #1DieHardHawk Well-Known Member

    He might have a better chance at the waiver if he points out that not only did his OC at Michigan leave, but, Greg Davis also left Iowa...
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  4. pekurhawk

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    I heard he's going to walk on the swim team.