Nate Stanley moved to a 4 star on scout

Discussion in 'Football' started by PCHawk, Dec 14, 2015.

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    I think all of our QB's bring something different,a guy that can make all of the throws and is mobile is a plus.If you're more of a runner and passing is Armstrong then that's not good.You can't stretch the field with a avg. arm.
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    Article describes the upgrade process:

    And Nate's updated player page:

    Not uncommon for ratings to change after senior seasons.

    Scout debuted an improved search box at top of every page making it much easier to find players.
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    IS either Stanley or Weigers the "gunslinger" type? IMO that's what it takes to balance out the conservative nature of the boss...i.e. Banks, Tate, Stanzi, CJ.
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    Gopher fan here living in Iowa. I don't know why I frequent this board. You guys go 12-0 with an entire roster of "home grown development-type players" and you continue to question the kids the Hawkeye coaches covet. We just landed a 4-star talent in 2016 (Seth Green) who is from Minnesota, but had previously committed to Oregon. He held a Hawkeye offer. Green moved to play at Allen, Texas (who hasn't lost in 5 years) and walked in thinking as an Oregon commit he would start and dominate. Turns out he shared time with a junior QB that outplayed him. Anyway, my point is that Green is a 4/5 star kid and the Gophers should be thrilled to have him. Truth is stars don't win games. You guys keep talking about Boyle like he lacks arm strength? Have you seen him play? I have, live and on TV. He is dynamic, a great athlete, a tremendous runner with a compact arm motion and a very live arm. Boyle visited Minnesota a few times and I think the Gopher staff was close to offering, but missed out when the Hawks offered. He probably would have waited for the Hawk offer anyway, but my point is that I'd rather have Boyle than Croft or Green. Depth at the QB position - what a great problem for you to have. It’s not good news for my Gophers and you all should be thrilled!
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    As does Boyle and Boyle is quicker. Boyle's arm is very underrated.
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    I didn't say next year - I said when CJ graduates. I think Wiegers is a good QB, I just think Boyle will be better by the time CJ leaves. His arm is underrated according to a lot of top notch HS coaches in the area and is quick, not to mention very strong. If I was comparing him physically to CJ now, I'd say Boyle is a better runner, but not quite the arm that CJ has.
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    Boyle has something that Wiegers doesn't and that something is very good athleticism. I don't think Iowa's had a kid at QB since maybe Brad Banks who has the kind of athleticism that Boyle has. However, at this point in his career Wiegers probably has a better understanding of the offense, has better accuracy, and he likely has the trust of his teammates and coaches.

    The difference? What Boyle has Wiegers can't learn and what Wiegers has Boyle can learn/earn. The question likely becomes how bad does Boyle want it and is he willing to put in the work? There was one away game late in the season when Boyle didn't travel with the team and I believe Ferentz said he wasn't with the team because he didn't earn the right to be. I don't know what happened, and I realize he is young and he's going to make mistakes, but if he wants to earn a chance to be the starter then he better not let those types of things happen again. It's tough enough the way it is. No need to hurt himself by being stupid.

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    I talked with a current wide receiver's parent in Indianapolis and mentioned my concern that CJ would stay healthy and this parent said that their son said that if CJ went down that Wiegers wouldn't miss a beat as far as running the offense. I said really ? and they said that was a fact and that Wiegers was very good.
    Let's wait another year before we anoint a replacement for CJ. It could be Wiegers, Cook, Boyle, Stanley , or a transfer in. No one knows right now.
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    Hopefully he doesn't pout and take his ball home if he's asked to change positions.
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    another great post by the goph - boyle has a great arm - i've seen in person too - plus the athleticism....
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    That's an interesting take on it. But if I may disagree, I believe Boyle will stay at 'slot' receiver (and really contribute in the next couple years) and Cook will stay at QB (you HAVE to have depth there, QB's can drop like flies). Iowa has loaded up at safety (Snyder and Gervase are only sophs and I can almost guarantee you he will not 'unseat' them). Watch, and don't be surprised if Snyder isn't the best FS we've had since Considine and Gervase is an unknown who is as good as athlete as Boyle (I watched them both play in HS). I watched Gervase single-handedly beat a very good North Scott team throwing for TD's, running for one, returning a punt, running an interception back. punting, driving the bus to the game, striping the field before the game, taking water out to the other players, washing the uniforms after the game.....sorry, I got carried away, but hopefully you got my point. And I think they have designs to have Hooker follow Taylor at SS (but he will probably be pushed by others, hopefully). We kinda go through this every year where some think kids will move all over the place, but once someone is in a spot for a year or 2, history says that's usually where they will stay.....
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    Lol, that would be next year? What grade do you think CJ is in?
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    You replied to a comment that was made 8 months ago, 12/2015. Next year (season) is right now.
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    I like to hear these sort of things. But backups need experience. And a backup QB in a Ferentz system scares me, as they never see the field. Even in blowouts it takes an assistant coach tugging on Kirk's shirt telling him to play the backup(at least at QB)... Experience matters(and you rarely can play in a KF's system without experience.). Let's hope Wiegers gets some this year.

    As for Stanley, let's see what happens. If he turns out to be a Drew Tate, and plays 2nd string as a true frosh, then he must be good. And I would take that. But Personally, I hope Wiegers holds his own and Stanley can RS. Let the competition for next year boyle(no pun, just autocorrect) in the spring.
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    You're right, but it's nice to know that other people think highly of him too.. Not just us message board homers. :D
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    He don't read too good.