Nate Stanley on Oliver Martin

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Oct 22, 2019.

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  2. homes

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    No problem. Just tell Martin to "get open and I'll throw it to you". That usually works.
  3. ChosenChildren

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    He basically said nothing. Hilarious.
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  4. Northside Hawk

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    The beady eyes of Kirk Ferentz are looming just of camera, daring him to say what he really wants.:)
  5. BigD

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    You should have asked him what are the chances of Petras starting this Saturday................................... pause..................... awkward silence.................... flag for unnecessary roughness during a sports interview. Reporter ejected for targeting. :p
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  6. NikeHawk21

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    I’ve mentioned this in past threads. It’s super perplexing the way Iowa handles their WRs. They lock them into one position and say well that’s not really his position. Then on the other hand BF grumbles on and on about getting the best players on the field.

    It’s WR it’s not that difficult. Iowa’s route trees are not that complex. Oliver wasn’t getting a lot of play time in the slot so he should have been practicing at every WR spot.
  7. ChosenChildren

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    The Iowa sports writers are so intimidated by Ferentz & Co that it is just laughable.

    I thought the Brian Ferentz response to the question by Chad Leisowitz (sp?) of the Des Moines Register about Martin playing time was a small but illuminating window into how Brian and how father view the press. Brian basically took his head off for having the gall to ask such an aggressive question. .

    I can't defend the Ferentz machine any more. I did it for years. We really need a change at Iowa, but I don't see one on the horizon any time soon.

    I think the Iowa fan base is going through what Penn State endured during the final years of the Paterno era (before the Sandusky scandal). Penn State had a tired offense and was easy to defend, but no one wanted to take on Joe Pa, the legend.

    No one wants to criticize Ferentz now. He has done a great job at Iowa but he has absolutely reached a plateau. We are above average but not great. It won't fly at programs like Ohio State or Michigan (or even Nebraska), but it seems to work at Iowa. I really wonder when he will hang it up. Brian will be the next Iowa head coach and he will fail miserably. Will it all play out in my life time? Doubtful.
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  8. BigD

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    Iowa’s route trees.
  9. okeefe4prez

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    Here is a quote about Martin from earlier this year:

    Basically I see no reason not to just let Martin draw up his own plays on the sideline like Randy Moss used to do. He just goes out, throws up his hand, and Stanley just has to get the ball close. I don't think anyone in the conference can cover him.
  10. JG10Hawk

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    For what it's worth, Brian did apologize to Chad a few days later on the radio. He went on to readdress the question and say that Oliver has been doing great since he's been there but that the guys ahead of him have been playing really well too. Basically a try and save face comment but at least he apologized.
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    WR is WR. All this XYZ crap is over complicating things. You have plays where you have assignments. You run certain routes based on the coverage mostly. Sometimes regardless of the coverage you still run whatever it is. These guys should be able to lineup wherever and run any route. Martin isn't a true wide eyed freshman He should be able to play even for what short of time he's been a Hawk so far
  12. Hawkfnntn

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    I was just about to respond as you beat me to it. He just caught him at a bad time as much as anything. Would KF had apologized like that though? Maybe maybe not. What's so hard to say the other guys are just ahead of him? To me that's the simple answer to a depth chart question especially of that nature.
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  13. chucktownhawk

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    Just tell Martin "Do a deep in, break at the end of that Buick, and cut across to Mrs. Derp's flowerbed and I'll hit you." That used to work when I was a legend in my own mind around the neighborhood.
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  14. BVHawk95

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    That's exactly how most offenses work.

    SE (X), WR (Z), and Slot (Y) have different routes and different archetypes.
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  15. homes

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    I think Martin isn't playing because he went to West High and Brian went to City High, so Brian doesn't like him. You want an explanation - provided.
  16. okeefe4prez

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    As much as I like to bash our coaching staff, I don't think this is true. WRs also have to block and I think they have different reads and blocking schemes based on where they are lined up. Iowa also uses a lot of motion. It looks simple from the stands, but there is a timing and pacing component on that. My guess is it takes a year before Ferentz is comfortable with a particular guy being the motion guy because if you are off just by a little bit you are either going to (a) get called for false start, (b) get called for illegal procedure (for being covered up or covering someone up) or illegal motion (moving toward line at snap) or (c) be delayed getting off the line. Then there are other considerations about who can go over the middle, who can read a zone well, who has a dominant left hand or right hand making them more suitable for particular sideline routes. I think it's one of those things that looks simple but that there's actually quite a bit involved.
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  17. ChosenChildren

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    Yes, I was aware of that, but Brian's comments to Chad were what we alcoholics refer to as "a rare moment of clarity." It showed how his brain works. You can apologize but you can't take it back.

    I compare our offense to the one being coached at Iowa State. Sorry guys, but they are light years ahead of us. I wonder what the Iowa State offense would look like with OUR wide receivers, including a healthy Smith.
  18. Northside Hawk

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    The only letters I want to be concerned about when it comes to our receivers are T and D.
  19. JG10Hawk

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    That's plenty fair to state. I was just pointing out that he apologized for the way he handled the situation. Your post ignored that side of it so I figured I'd mention it.
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  20. pythagoras

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    You're over simplifying things
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