Nate Stanley's face during Kirk Ferentz show

Discussion in 'Football' started by EstronHawkKing, Sep 18, 2019.

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    I just caught the Iowa Football with Kirk Ferentz show for the isu game. Nate popped up on camera talking about the game and he had a decent sized cut under his left eye brow and and big and red swollen bulge under his left eye. In other words, it looked like someone punched him in his face. Doesn't he wear a shield under his face mask that would protect that area? Did anyone else see this? He looked like Rocky Balboa.
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    Did you not hear he broke up with his girlfriend?
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    Jerry Maguire found out that wasn't a smart move. Avery decked him with one punch to the kisser.

    Not a great night for Jerry. He gets outmaneuvered by Bob Sugar from signing Kush on draft night eve. Then breaks up with Avery and gets pulverized.

    To top the night off Dorothy invites him over and has to deal with her overbearing, insensitive and overprotective older sister.
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    Did Brian take him out back to the woodshed for that highly risky pass near the end zone line that was nearly a TD?

    Damn it, boy, how many times have we told you, don't throw near the end zone!
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    Anyone know how Nate feels about marching bands?

    Maybe this is tied to that other story somehow...
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    I dont think he has ever worn a face mask shield but it is not unheard of a purposeful or accidental fingers or fist to get into a player's face.
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    99, I've been told that my whole life. That's why I gif and meme. It keep the pain away ;)
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    Yeah Avery >>>>> Dorothy
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    he's made that mistake now 58 times.
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    Wuut? He's been wearing one this whole season. Maybe last year to.
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    I would think that a large majority of Stanley's passes did not get caught near the end zone...even if they went for TDs.