NCAA grants NFL draft waiver

Discussion in 'Football' started by Zstatman, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Interesting story, Arizona St punter, who prompted Michael Sleep-Dalton to transfer to Iowa, declared early for the NFL draft and signed with an agent then went undrafted and unsigned as a free agent. He didn't even get offered a tryout. Last year he averaged 46 yards per punt and finished 11th in the NCAA in punting. Waiver says pandemic hurt his chances.

    This doesn't say much for Sleep-Dalton's chances, his punt average was several yards less. IN the NFL if you don't have the distance and the hang time you are out of luck.

    I wonder if this type of ruling could affect any Hawks? Toren Young, maybe? I wonder if Luka could use this on the basketball side?
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    I was thinking the same thing about Toren Young. If he wanted to, he probably could ask for a waiver.

    But then again, Young pretty much knew he was not going to get drafted, and has almost no chance to make an NFL roster even in a normal year. I think he was just done with football at Iowa and was ready to move on to the next stage of his life.

    As for Sleep-Duncan, I think he also had zero chance to make an NFL roster even in a normal year. Although he was an improvement for Iowa from the year before, Sleep- Duncan just didn't have NFL level talent, in my opinion.
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    There's no shame in being a solid collegiate athlete, or even a standout, and not having the skill set to play at the next level.
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