Nebraska Guard Taylor McCabe Commits to Iowa!

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by ClintonIAfan, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. ClintonIAfan

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    Iowa got a commit today from 5'9" guard Taylor McCabe for the 2022 class. She also had offers from Nebraska and Creighton. Iowa's last guard from Nebraska turned out to be a great, and Taylor has the same potential. She joins Hannah Stuelke and Jada Gyamfi in Iowa's 2022 class.

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  2. hagarwood

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    Glad the Hawks got her. She can shoot and Nebraska is crushed since they really hoped to sign her. Go Hawks!!
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  3. judzeehawk

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    Loved her comments about wanting to play for a winning team that has fun playing the game. McCabe just threw a bucket of crap all over the fuskers staff! Lol
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