Negative question, looking for a positive answer

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Ian Pike Hammer, May 29, 2019.

  1. Ian Pike Hammer

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    Why would an out-of-state, 4 or 5 star***** player want to come play for Iowa?
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  3. slankyJ

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    It'd have to be a situation like Kenyon Murray's back in the day IMO. For those who don't remember Kenyon was just 1 class behind the Fab 5 and he wanted to start right away instead of coming off the bench for 1-2 years.
    So basically their home town team would have to be loaded already and they'd pick Iowa because they could be THE player the team is built around instead of a puzzle piece.
  4. NikeHawk21

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    Recruiting is such an amazingly complex thing.

    What one kid prioritizes the most might be meaningless to the next kid. Some kids build a great relationship with a coach, some kids really enjoy the campus on their visit, some kids are looking for certain academic things, and some kids want to be closer to home while other could care less. Some kids are looking to play in a certain style.

    Iowa was able to land out of state 4*s in Tyler Cook and Luka Garza so it can be done.
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    Since I do not believe that Fran pays players the way that Duke, and Kansas and Kentucky, etc. do then really it is about building long term relationships. I actually think Fran does a good job of identifying kids very early and getting in on them. We have been the bridesmaids on some pretty good kids the last 5 years where we just lost out to a national program coming in later. Basketball recruiting is all about sitting in the living rooms and and stroking the egos of AAU coaches.
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    Also, the gloomy message suggested by the question is something I don't get. This is a second round tourney team from last year who almost made it to the Sweet 16 in a manner than had never been done before. Almost.

    Until JBO's injury, this team was looking just fine. Returning three starters and three other guys who have started in past seasons. A Top 75 recruit in the incoming class along with a missing piece needed at PG. I think Iowa has a lot of forward momentum right now, but JBO hurts. No doubt.
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    Don’t forget, we don’t have a pro team in Iowa, and kids here are instant celebrities and get a lot of ink during their careers here. Good stuff for Mom and Dads ol’ scrapbook.
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    He really hates playing defense.
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    Fran's ability to find diamonds in the rough, Aaron White as the prime example, has been to the detriment of the Hawkeyes. Now anyone that Fran is interested in is getting a long look from other coaches, including the Blue Bloods which increases the possibility that our prospect will be stolen away.....

    MFing thieves

  10. Ian Pike Hammer

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    OMG! LOL! Ishould have known.
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    His dad is the coach. At this juncture, I'm hoping Fran has a few illegitimate kids out there somewhere in other states.
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    We have damn good sweet corn, better than Nebraska. Hoiberg has no answer for it

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    So they can play the mop up roll behind Patrick and Connor McCaffrey. You know, learn the game without using there athletic skills.