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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by JawJackson, May 29, 2012.

  1. JawJackson

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    [ame=""]Anthony Clemmons 2012 Lansing Sexton - YouTube[/ame]
  2. hawkeyes50158

    hawkeyes50158 Well-Known Member

    the more & more i watch AC the more i really like this kid
  3. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    In my best Tommy Boy voice...ahem...

    Shane likey!
  4. uofihawkInation

    uofihawkInation Well-Known Member

    Isnt this old and ready posted?
  5. storminspank

    storminspank Justin VanLaere

    No, just put up a few days ago
  6. jacknicholson

    jacknicholson Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to watching his Hawkeye Highlight video.....

  7. gohawks71

    gohawks71 Well-Known Member

    I have agree with UofI that this has been posted somewhere before but still a good watch.
  8. kirby

    kirby Well-Known Member

    same # that Andre Woolridge wore at IA. I think he should take over Andre and Matt's #5 next year...S-T-R-O-N-G.
  9. JawJackson

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    This is the other video posted about a month or so back:

    [ame=""]Anthony Clemmons 2012 Lansing Sexton - YouTube[/ame]
  10. SheagleHawk

    SheagleHawk Well-Known Member

    2 more-than-capable pgs next year is going to be huge. I can't wait to see some the rotations Fran comes up with.
  11. kmajhawk

    kmajhawk Well-Known Member

    From the various highlight videos, AC appears to have a smoothness that we have not had at the PG position in a long time. He seems at ease driving, shooting from the perimeter, playing defense, going for the steal, distributing the ball. Will be interesting to see who is getting the most PT by the start of the B1G season.
  12. Hawksel

    Hawksel Well-Known Member

    I agree. My favorite part of these videos is how comfortable Clemmons looks on the floor. He can improve a lot of his skills I'm sure, but if he has good athleticism and feel then that's a good base to build from.

    When was the last time Iowa had a good starting point guard and a good backup point guard at the same time? Last year Devyn Marble had to be the starting point with no real backup (Oglesby? Does anyone remember who came in to spell him?) while Cartwright was hurt. The year before that Iowa rode Cartwright to exhaustion. Not too long before that, Jon Lickliter was Iowa's back up point guard...

    I agree this will be a huge upgrade even if they both play like freshmen a lot of the time, one of the biggest upgrades of this year's recruiting class, imo. I also think that with Gesell having some combo guard experience with Marcus Paige it could be a great and versatile lineup to have Clemmons at point, Gesell at 2, and Marble at 3. With Aaron White or McCabe at 4 that would make 4 out of your 5 players have above average skills with the ball.

    Man I'm looking forward to next season.
  13. JFlanch72

    JFlanch72 Member

    He looks as strong as Cartwright right now, Gesell looks to be pretty physically mature also this is a big plus bringing in guys that have the body and skill set to go right away.... next year will be fun.
  14. bjreed16

    bjreed16 Well-Known Member

    it will be nice to have multipule guys on the floor at the same time that can shoot the three
  15. CRPodhaj

    CRPodhaj Member

    Your final point is on point, IMHO. I really think Coach Fran wants 5 guys on the floor who can dribble, pass, and shoot. Just looking at his recruiting and how often he comments on whether someone could play a little bit of the point or multiple positions go to back that up. Just think about McCabe, White, and Meyer as your power forwards and, as we have seen at times, as your centers. Even if they are a bit smaller, the match up is actually harder for the other team on your offensive end of the floor than it is for you on theirs. (Coach McCaffery has spoken about this regarding Villanova and their 4 guard line up.)