New Video of Anthony Clemmons.....

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by jacknicholson, May 10, 2012.

  1. LGEND24

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    That's what I thought too...can't block it if it's already gone by the time they close out.
  2. jacknicholson

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    Gonna be a Wild Bull Stampede when the lads come to town, Atomic.....


  3. jacknicholson

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    I do remember Gary Grant, loved to watch him play. He played on some very good Michigan teams with Glen Rice and Roy Trapley. He was a demon on defense, one of the very best.....

    Michigan and Iowa had some really good games in those days. They had a lot of respect for each other. I remember one time a Wolverine player said something like: We love it when Iowa comes to town, Roy, BJ, Sir Jamalot, It's always a good game.....

  4. jacknicholson

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    A quick release before being covered could compensate for low elevation on his jump shot. That NW guy, John Sturma had a low release and did very well, although he was taller than most guards he would face on the perimeter.....

    Fran seems to be very good at developing talent and I am certain he will correct the situation if he feels it is a problem. I will be making it to PTL this year, really want to see these guys in action. Wonder if some of the recruits will be playing AAU ball.....
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    i would put steel plate on my a$$ if i was you. wild bull have no mercy....
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    He's smooth, very mature physically. They'll coach him up on shot technique...but this kid has the physical tools and looks so comfortable and in charge out there.
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    It's going to be fun to watch the freshmen class grow together. Their sophomore season ought to be a special one with Basebe, Marble, and McCabe being seniors and White a Junior........were back!!!!!!!!! Oglesby is no slouch either......did I mentioin were back!!!!!!
  9. jacknicholson

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    Their Sophomore year could be a very good year for the Hawks, BigD.....

    You are right about Josh, he is no slouch and sometimes is overlooked. He is an essential component to this team, and will only get better.....