Nice article on Phil and the defense

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    Yes, really good read and shows that Phil is more flexible that Norm was I believe. Phil sees the problem of not the greatest cover linebackers being caught on wide receivers or fast receivers. The nickle and dime packages help. In 2018 one one Wisky's big TDs against the hawks was a wideout on a lnbkr
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    Good read. Really liked this section
    "Instead, Parker’s unit truly operated as a team rather than a collection of individuals, which is why a future 1st round NFL draft pick was so often willing to sacrifice his stats by playing contain or sealing the edge on run plays if doing so would increase the team’s chances of succeeding. "
    Which is what people were trying to say at the beginning of the season when people were dogging eppy's stats, but if you watched the games, you could see he was still dominating.

    I also hadn't caught that Nieman came in for Diji who was clearly struggling in that game. Obviously Nieman had a great second half and he made a huge difference, but for some reason I didn't catch he had subbed in, but now I do recall Nieman and Belton being in there at the same time a ton in this game, aka in the cash, which is when Nieman had previously exited games. Hadn't caught that switch up while watching it live, makes sense though now that I think back over the 2nd half of that game, after reading this. Used to him being in games when were in 4-3 anyway, hadn't caught he subbed into the cash.
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    Yep. If I'm a team in Baltimore's division, I want a guy like Eppy on the line really bad. Way more than I would want Chase Young.
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    Hands down. Young doesn't care about containing the edge against the run. He's flying around the corner as fast as he can to disrupt the passing game. Which he's damn good at don't get me wrong. But there's just more to the position then that. Those at OSU swear he's better then Bosa was but I'm not so sure. Bosa has had a heck of a rookie yr with the 9ers. He's a complete player too. We'll see but for my $ a player like AJ passes all the test as an every down DE to me.